Friday, June 17, 2011

Dragon's Crown To Use Touch Screen in a Good Way

Now, while I may not be as excited for Dragon's Crown as some people (merely because the company/dev is more of an unknown to me, haven't played their games that I know of) I can always applaud someone taking something that is, of course, purely optional, and doing something neat with it.  That is to say, of their own volition, and in a way that will not bring upon annoyance to the players.  (See:  Sixaxis support in 99% of PS3 games)  And from the sounds of it, Dragon's Crown will do just that.

For ease of use, the touch screen will be allowed to be used to select items for quick consumption, which is neat, but that's not really the big thing.  The big thing is using the touchscreen as a sort of call-back to those point-and-click adventure games where clicking something right made something happen.  (Which sounded a lot better in my head before I typed it)  Pressing a section of a wall, for instance, will crumble it and reveal a secret item or way forward.  So from start to finish, you'll be looking at the background, not only to admire it, but to inspect it for hidden clues and things.  Which will only make you appreciate the art that much more, of course, which is a good thing.

Hopefully this and Uncharted will continue the trend of showing other developers ways to implement the touch screens in fun and purely optional ways, so that we get some better ideas from them.  I know I'm not adverse to touching a touch screen anymore, as my Rune Factory 3 playing has more or less forced me into it to save seconds here and there.  So I know if there's ways about it, I'll be ready to do it.

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