Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Note About My Twitter

Back when I mentioned I would start using my Twitter for updates and such and linked it, I was just trying to think of ways to be able to utilize it in a way that doesn't force you, the reader, to follow me on Twitter or whatever should you not want to.  Following being the easiest way to get my updates and all, it seemed like an empty gesture until I had a thought tonight while looking over at The Word of Notch, AKA Notch of Minecraft fame's personal blog.  He has a little twitter updater gadget on the side which, were it not for it being inundated constantly with '@notch', would likely be useful.  Since I'm not popular in the lease on Twitter, I surmised that if I could have such a thing, it'd be easier to use.

And as it turns out, Blogger has one of those gadgets, so now I have it on my sidebar.  If an update is going to be late, well, now you'll be able to know easier.  Hope that's cool with everyone!

(I also might use it for silly things.  As you might notice currently.)

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