Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D, aka, "The Art of Pooch-Screwing"

Developers suggesting only a single playthrough of a game is hardly something new in the gaming world, but so far, it's only been that, a suggestion, which is where it really deserved to be.  Between David Cage suggesting you only play Heavy Rain once, so the magic is there for you, and you'll always remember your play and Hideo Kojima's pipe dreams for a system that would destroy a game disk if you died (I have no article for this, but I'm pretty sure it's a real thing), the theory has been out there for a while, but nobody's really been dumb enough to try and implement it, because, and I'm assuming here, nobody wants to be seen as being that dumb.

But, Capcom can now claim to be the pioneer of this idea that I cannot stress enough as being dumb.

Earlier this week, Joystiq reported that RE: Mercs 3D saves are 'forever', which, at the time, I brushed off as being a silly misinterpretation.  And while I don't know how the words "Saved data on this software cannot be reset." can be taken at anything but that, I couldn't imagine, couldn't fathom that it would be gone through with.  But, I'm going to suggest that it is that big of a deal, given GameStop refused to take it as a trade-in, presumably because it has, in fact, no resale value.  They have gone back on that, of course, but others haven't been so wishy-washy.  HMV, a British retailer also put a halt on any and all trade-ins of the game, and EB Games Australia just plain aren't stocking the game.  They'll order you a copy, if you want it, but they're pretty outward with their distaste of the system.

I'd still like to know whether or not there's truly no way to reset the game to factory default, but from what I've been seeing around the interwebs, it ain't good.  Bravo, Capcom.  I wonder how the fallout/backlash from this will affect the chances of MML3..

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