Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PSP Dual-Packs Out Now: What's Next?

So, today's Playstation Store Post had a lot of interesting fare for the customers, including the Uncharted 3 MP Beta (for Plus and inFamous 2 purchasers, which, hell, is pretty much everyone) and Beyond Good & Evil HD (Not to mention some real tempting deals for Plus members), but it also brought in the first (of a few, hopefully) wave of PSP Dual-Packs, pictured above.  As pictured, there are only three, and the offerings seem slightly strange at first, what with the two Syphon Filter games separated, and packed with other games, but it's smart, at least, because Sony wants you to buy both!  The only thing that bothers me is that I have a two copies of Killzone:  Liberation already (Physical and digital) but I don't have Logan's Shadow.  Jerks.

What I'm not quite sure on about these dual packs is if they're just two game cases packaged in a neat little box, or some sort of barebones mess that any PSP Bundle comes with, with everything but a case, surely to drive purists crazy.  (Like me.  I -need- cases for my UMDs, damnit!)  But as it is, it seems a solid deal;  Two games of at least mid-level quality for $15?  No problem.  The fact that they're available in both Physical and Digital mediums shows forethought, which is just lovely.  While I may not need to be able to play, say, Secret Agent Clank, on my Playstation Vita, the ability to do so is alluring, just because.

Clearly, despite assertions to the contrary, the PSP library is rather large and varied, so the possibilities for future dual-packs is fairly impressive; especially if/when Squeenix gets on-board.  Hopefully it'll be what kicks them in the ass enough to get their goddamn games on the PS Store.  Between Final Fantasy Tactics:  War of the Lions, Crisis Core, Star Ocean:  First Departure, Star Ocean:  Second Evolution, Kingdom Hearts:  Birth By Sleep (Which might be an issue with Disney), Valkyrie Profile:  Lenneth, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II they should be able to find some things they can put on the goddamn PS Store together for $15.  And that's just one dev; imagine all the others.  Persona pack from Atlus?  Disgaea pack from NIS?

Yeah.  I certainly don't expect this to be the last we'll hear of the Dual-Pack scenario.  Let's just hope the next lineup is just as favorable as the first!


  1. Oh shits, I totally forgot about these in my PSN update post - I'm actually planning on buying the Clank & Daxter one.

  2. Me too, if just to have it for a while until I'm properly into the series...es. I actually haven't touched the Ratchet and Clank, nor the Jak and Daxter series (Don't hurt me), and have been anxiously awaiting my chance at collections for them, like I did with the Sly series.

  3. Well, they're not everyone's cup of tea. My buddy Blue didn't like R&C Future: Tools of Destruction, for example.

    For the record, I think he's insane. Though I tried Jak 2 and didn't think much of it - so maybe I'm crazy too.

  4. I've definitely heard that the Jak series is on the low-end of the "Classic series" group (where, y'know, Sly, R&C, etc.) fall, so if there would be any of them I'd be skeptical on, it'd be that one.

    Still would like to try it, though. In Haitch-Dee, as they say.

    ....with trophies.