Wednesday, June 15, 2011

inFamous 2 - I've Started It

This is going to be one of those posts where I just talk about a game I've not put a -lot- of time into, but enough that I enjoy it, or that I'm particularly excited enough over it that I can talk about it at some sort of length.  I did the same with Yakuza 4 (which I regrettably have neglected thanks to Dynasty Warriors 7 and just not playing PS3 for a while, but rest assured, I will get back to it.) and there are likely only a couple of games that I'll actually do something like this for.  Suffice to say after my mad dash at trying to get my hands on a Hero Edition of the game and eventually doing so, there's a lot riding on the game.

Thankfully, it hasn't disappointed yet.  While I didn't fall into it as quickly as I would have liked (Just had a little more rust than I thought, I guess) and I had to trick the PS3/game into realizing that I have all the trophies for the first game (putting inFamous in so it can install again, resynching trophies after), and I played the opening about four times because of those issues (plus the fear that my PS3 was overheating towards the end of the early fight), I've enjoyed every single moment I've played.  There's just....something that I can't properly quantify with words that just clicks with me, presses all the right buttons.  And while I understand that's my opinion and not representative of anyone else, that still means something to me.

No matter if I'm doing a story mission, a side mission or just running around looking for Blast Shards, there's not been one moment while playing inFamous 2 where I wished I hadn't been playing the game.  Which happens sometimes!  I'm sure that's not breaking new ground or anything, and it's not like I have a lot of instances where I play a game wanting to play a different game (unless it's in anticipation, see:  Uncharted prior to Uncharted 2's release), but there have been times where I play something and notice something from/about a different game and suddenly want to play that game, though I likely don't change.  Not once has that happened in inFamous 2, is the point I'm making.  If I could, I'd likely be playing it right now.

God help me if this game gets released on Vita.

As for the Hero Edition itself, there's only been one facet of it that I just haven't touched yet, which would be the soundtrack.  Because if I've got the PS3 on, you better believe it is to shoot mans with lightning, not download 140 MB of music, no matter how much I want it/want to hear it.  I'll likely do it at some point in the near future, just to see what it's like in comparison to the original, and while I'm looking forward to it, I can wait.  Everything else in the Hero Edition is rather stellar.  I've got Cole rocking the Samurai Sword because why not, the Statue is rather impressive and looks good on my desk, the mini-comic was enjoyable, and I just love love the bag that came with it.

All in all, this was a purchase that I, theoretically, could have regretted (only from a logistics stand-point, as there was no doubt in my mind that I'd enjoy the game and such) but I don't.  At all.  The upgrade was worth it completely and totally for me, and I'm already thinking about my multiple playthroughs of the game for the simple fact that I will just keep playing it.

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  1. The indescribable feeling you get, methinks, is the wonderful, tactile, wholesome pleasure of inFamous 2's gameplay. It is simply really, really fun to just play.

    I too am simply thrilled with the Hero edition - more thrilled than I've been with any CE since BioShock 2's - and yeah, that bag now goes with me any time I need to carry something.

    I'm actually - honestly - considering going out and buying the Hero edition again just to have a backup for when / if the bag suffers some major structural failure.

    Plus, I like having doubles of the really special games.