Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blah Blah, Storms, but now an idea!

So, it kind of sucks when it storms and I can't, like, get around to post because I have to turn off the computer and such to prevent it getting all screwed up by a surge.  Especially when I just can't even post "Hey, will be late" or something of the sort.  So I was thinking how I could change that, and the obvious mobile solution came up as, well, so long as the power's not out, we still have internet.  It's just that I don't have anything powerful enough to keep on keeping on in the meantime yet.  I mean, sure, I could use my PS3, but if I don't have the computer on, I'm sure as hell not going to have the PS3 on.

So, I started messing around on my PSP to see what I could do on it.  Blogger doesn't work too well on it; I can write up a post, but it just won'  Which is none too helpful.  And then I thought, "Hey, I have a Twitter I don't use, and Twitter is a mobile thing." and tried that out.  Hey, it works!  So, while it may not be an optimal solution, I at least have a fairly reasonable outlet to use if I'll have to be late in posting or such.  Which, hey, maybe you don't care that much and maybe I don't, even, but I get bored during thunderstorms.  So if you're interested, here is my Twitter.  Clearly, you don't have to follow me there (and especially don't -make- one to do so) and I'm not asking that, but just keep the link handy; if there's not a post up here around the midnight time (as I am just above the wire sometimes) I'll likely have a tweet (urgh) about it.

In other news, expect that "A Look Back" article about Rune Factory sometime next week.  I know I said 'in the next day or so' and even my 'next week' is flimsy, since you know, E3, but I've also run into a brick wall that I have to hammer through as per the games rules.  It is not a good idea by any means, and it's just frustrating in the worst way (trust me, I will elaborate in the article) but it's not bad enough that I have to slam the game for it.  Just get....really bitter about it.

Update!:  I also got the bright idea to use my Twitter to post about whenever I update a post with new info or fix broken pictures or something.  Productivity is rising, folks.

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