Saturday, June 11, 2011

Catherine Demo is NA-Bound

This one's for you, Chance.

Siliconera has just recently reported that Catherine, the apparently super-hard, super-strange game from Atlus will be getting a demo release in English sometime between now and July 26th, when the game is released.  At least, that's what I would assume, since demos are generally better served -prior- to the game's release, rather than afterward.  Unsurprisingly, the 'English' in the phrase 'English Demo' denotes that the demo will feature full english subtitles as well as voice-acting from the English cast, including that of Troy Baker (I'm assuming it's this one) and Laura Bailey as the lead characters.

Siliconera also stated that those a little wary about the game after hearing about the super-hard part of it will be glad to know that the NA region release will include the patch that was released for the Japanese version to reduce the difficulty a bit.  Unless you're, like, crazy or something. 

Fans who are eagerly awaiting any morsel of Catherine (the game) should be ready to grab that demo right when it comes out, of course, because it has been known to disappear and then reappear for a bit before disappearing again.  Which, when you type it out like that, seems almost like it was done on purpose.  Atlus, you teases.

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