Wednesday, March 9, 2011

White Knight Chronicles on PSP! Europe.

Today, Joystiq and Europe's PS Blog let it out that White Knight Chronicles Episode Portable: Dogma Wars (Renamed White Knight Chronicles:  Origins) is being released on PSP later when that other game, White Knight Chronicles 2 is being put out, I guess.  (No really, I'm super stoked for both games, it's just that I was expecting WKC2, not WKC:O.)  The release date is kind of hazy still, from the comments in the blog post, they guy just said "Sometime in May", which....isn't a full year after the first, right?  *Checks Wiki*  Nope!  July is WKC2's original release month, so hey, I guess Level-5 is stepping their game up some!

No word on a US release just yet, but, well, if there's anything that we NA-people know, it's that there's nothing PAL can have that we can't.  (I'm kidding, of course, since this happens a lot, but still, we should really expect both games over here.)

From what I've played on White Knight Chronicles, making a PSP version just seemed like a perfect idea, so knowing that I will more than likely be able to get it for my PSP which just.....gets so much love, is good news indeed.  So, to commemorate this, here's some music!

I actually prefer the instrumental, but the Japanese opening version really really grew on me eventually.

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