Thursday, March 31, 2011

My idea (and apologies) for a Header Image

Now, I'm going to preface this with the fact that I am, indeed, not an artist.  I took some graphic design classes and, I mean, I am capable of making things that look nice, but not all the time, and surely not with just a mouse.  But I've had an idea for a possible header image in my head since last night and wanted to share in case anyone wanted to offer a bit of an opinion on the idea (and not my terrible arting skills, yes art is a verb now, I'm making this happen), before I actively start seeking out someone who can make it happen for me, if I can't make it happen myself.

The problem with the idea is that it deals with some pretty significant shadowing, which I am absolutely terrible with, and perspective, which I am also terrible at.  Finding that I could mimic perspective (with flat letters, yay), I can at least make that look somewhat like I want.  Basically, as I kind of showed on the first few letters, I want it to be, like, actual standing letters heading off to the point on the right in the distance.  And the plan is for the light to be coming from the left, or behind the logo, so it casts the shadow (done very lazily with the pencil tool) in front.

I don't want flat black letters, but I didn't know what to make them.  Perhaps the same blue that has been a staple since I've started.  And finally, yet most importantly, I want a moogle hanging over one of the letters, almost like it's climbing up it.  As my nickname/alias/whatever of "Mogs" has always brought about the theory of a moogle to most people.  I like it and I've accepted it, so I want to run with it.

Nothing too busy, nothing too big, just something to get the name broadcast, with the slight accent of the moogle and the shadow.  In my head, it looks pretty nice, I think.  I just wish I could put it down to (digital) paper better.


  1. ...but make the letters all angle-y.

  2. I actually was thinking of something like those as well. And I really like that second one, too. Hrmm...

  3. The second one looks more crotchety, and thus more appropriate. :P