Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick Note - Getting Better, Still Rambly

So, I'm finally feeling less dead-like.  Which is good.  I'm not feeling 100% yet, of course and likely won't since it's cooling down just to warm up again later which will likely kill me again, but for now, I'm pretty alright.  Only mildly stuffed up, my throat doesn't hurt, and sneezing doesn't cause my muscles to rip apart from themselves anymore.  This is called progress, and is quite nice.

The other night, I had the bright idea of actually making a backloggery for, y'know, the backlog that I actually have and is quite problematic.  Unfortunately, it seems that they're not taking new registrations currently because they're amidst a site change and the guy running it has run into health problems.  Rather unfortunate, but I guess I don't need it.  After all, I can just meter out my games here for roughly the same effect.

I did manage to make it to the final (at least, I think it is) chapter of Sly 2, but I'll save my verdict for when I actually finish it.  Hopefully I get enough into Sly 3 that I can at least post impressions of that Sunday, but no guarantees.  After Sly 3, it's a bit of a mystery to me what I'll do, since I have far too many games.  I was considering Saint's Row 2, even though I really despise having a gimped version of a game, The Saboteur, since hey more platformer-ish goodness, or finishing up The Lost and Damned so I can finally work on The Ballad of Gay Tony.  But then I remembered my birthday pick-up of Bladestorm, and now I don't even know what to think.  Probably going Sabotuer, TLAD/TBGT, SR2, Bladestorm is the most logical course of action since, I'll be going through rather similar games and then get to put myself into the Hundred Years War without worrying about getting too used to the gameplay and not knowing how to get back to the open-world-y feel.

Of course, in a complete shift in gears I have, as I said, been getting back into Dungeons and Dragons lately, picking my old 3.5 books up and giving them a look over.  Giving me the urge again to 'create', which makes me feel like I should just be playing LBP2 again, which I might still do at odd intervals.  Maybe for my own funsies, I'll make something in D&D (a town, dungeon, whatever layout) and remake it in LBP2 as close as can be to try and get me really into feeling those new tools.  It's an idea, at least.

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