Saturday, March 26, 2011

Music! Guilty Gear Edition

Sorry about the late posts guys.  Between weather and feeling sort of like crap (I do believe I am getting sick again) and a pretty bad sleep schedule (woke up the other day to find there was a spider on me.  Did not go back to sleep, threw me all out of wack), it's just not been my week.  My organization's gone to shit.

Anyways, for tonight, I wanted to discuss the music of a series that I am in no way familiar with.  You see, I'm not a good fighting game person, because I have a temper and am more likely to turn and punch someone for beating me (by using sweep uppercut sweep uppercut, no this is not conditioned at all) than I am to actually enjoy the game.  Still, I've always held something of a sideline interest for the series, and have even considered picking up one of the PSP versions sometime down the road, just to give it a try.

Thanks to a friend from my past, I was introduced to the music of Guilty Gear and for that, I'll probably always be a little indebted to her, if only because the music is just so good.  Starting us off, I'll go ahead and throw down some "Awe of She", which I believe was the first song she gave me.

After going "Oh man, this is pretty righteous", she said, "I know, right?" and we just kind of nerded out about the music for a while.  Eventually, I wanted more, so instead of consulting the youtubes, I went straight to her, and let her offer me a couple more songs to enjoy.

I especially like the semi-classic feeling instruments throughout, as it gives it that extra bit of character on top of being super rockin'.  But the last song, the last song she really introduced me to, especially the version she introduced me to, was my favorite.  And still is, really; I go back to Guilty Gear music every now and then just for the sheer thrill of it.  Because they are just that good at getting you pumped.

So, there's some things to enjoy!  Hopefully anyone who hadn't gotten a chance to experience these before tonight is having that same moment I had those years ago, since that was just really the -best- feeling.

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