Friday, March 4, 2011 is probably a good idea.

I completely missed it, but Joystiq brought it up and, given that everyone, ahem, 'suddenly' wants to develop their own things/apps for the PS3, apparently, hey, here's something of an outlet, I would imagine.  Completely in a vacuum, thinking on it like that it's probably a really good idea, and on the surface I think it is, since I'm all for user-created content obviously.  I'm not quite sure on what the scope will be of the project, but if it even just produces a few neat little tech demo-y things to do with your Move wand(s), then it'd be worth it for me, as I'm really trying to find more things to do with mine.

Of course, it's just starting to build up steam, and there's still good games like Sorcery on the horizon, so I'm not too worried.  For those that don't want to go to The currently Official site for it, here's basically the 'important' bit.

Who is for? is designed for academic researchers, university instructors, college students, programming hobbyists, and HCI developers. Show us how you can take the PS Move beyond traditional gaming and into areas such as:
- Games and tools that support kids' physical fitness and nutrition.
- Kid-friendly programming interfaces for computer/technology classes or individual learning.
- Physical therapy and rehabilitation.
- Sports physiology or fitness training.
- Music and the creative arts.
Like I said, I just wonder as to the scope of what will be produced here, what will be -allowed- to be produced, at least.  If there's some sort of actual development to it towards something gamey, then I expect quite a bit out of it.  We'll just have to see how it unfolds!

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