Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Disclaimer

So I kind of touched on it in my "I hate Spring" post (I still do, btw) but a big problem with Spring is that the weather is super-unpredictable and tends to muck up my internet time.  I'm on a wired connection on my PC and we had a little issue a couple years back with having a thunderstorm actually fry the computer's modem.  (Granted, this was the Dial-Up days, but still)  So I kind of impulsively take the computer down and offline whenever it's going to storm, leaving me without a computorial (it's a word now) outlet.

Eventually, I'm hoping to have a laptop to ease that problem and make updating this Blog a bit easier, but that's one of those future plans that may or may not occur in a timely manner.  If it's completely unplugged, wireless, I'll be less concerned since, hey if the power goes out, then I just have a non-internet connected laptop.  Big whoop.

Anyways, the whole point of me making this is to say that I may be forced to skip posting a few nights through the spring season when my free time ends up being taken over by "Do other things during a storm" time.  So those of you used to seeing a new post every day, if you don't see one in the near-ish future, now you know why.

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