Saturday, March 5, 2011

This is my birthday post.

It was a pretty good birthday.  I got to sleep in pretty late and then went off to the wonderful world of GameStop to get a little free (read:  paid for by someone else) birthday present.  On top of putting my $5 down on Yakuza 4 and Dynasty Warriors 7 (I know it's a bit late for me to be doing this -just now- considering how badly I want to get my hands on these games, but, well, I haven't been to GameStop since LBP2.  Or around GameStop.), I managed to find this beauty that begins with B and ends with Storm after a long while of searching.



Now, see, I actually had no idea what I wanted to get for my B-day.  Really, all the games that I want have either A) Just come out and are thus pretty expensive yet (Which I was only concerned about since it was not my money), B) Games that I am waiting for special/Game of the Year editions on, C) Games that I'm just like "Man, for about $20, okay."  (FFXIII), and D) Games that just aren't out yet.  So you can see the problem here of getting a game in that limited circumstances.  And since I wasn't really in a thinking mood earlier, I didn't go into the store knowing what I was going to get.  (Except three Celebiis, which, by the way, GameFreak, it's time to step your download game up, alright?  No, that's not a PSP reference, I'm just telling you that this place-and-time-specific DLC sucks dick.)

But this game.  I've wanted this game for, like, two years or so now, partially because it's KOEI, and partially because it is a war that I've pretty much not touched yet with my studying.  Which is weird, right?  Considering it has batshit crazy Joan of Arc in it, and that's kind of my thing.  (Batshit crazy things.)  And when I saw the spine of it, I had that gut reaction that you only get when you see something and go, "YES.  THIS IS WHAT I WANTED."

Sort of like this.
And then I went to a steakhouse and got, like, the best steak I've ever had.  Have you ever had a meal that you really just wanted to find the person who made it and say, "Dude.  Dude.  YES.  Keep doing what you do."?  Because that's the feeling I got.  Also a free birthday sundae which was really really neat, as well.  And after that I got to come home and play some vidya games, which I will talk about in the Weekly Wrap-up, probably in extreme detail, because one of the games is what really inspired my whole "Old game vs. New game" design philosophy thing the other day, so I have put a lot of thought into it.

And then other stuff happened.  But pretty much everything else was great and it was a great birthday for like 70% of it or so.  This is some statistical gain over most days.  This is, as we (I don't know who 'we' is) say, a triumph.

(Oh wait, now I know.


(Because I am a pretty big nerd, you see.)


  1. Happy birthday, dude!

    Well... happy day after your birthday. Y'know.

  2. Thanks! It is mucho appreciated.