Friday, March 18, 2011

Hype On - NGP News Round-Up

So, there's no denying that NGP news is likely something I can't get enough of, and after a few pretty significant pieces, I wanted to kind of bring them together to catch people up in case they haven't been paying quite as much attention as me, which would not be hard.  So lets kick this off!

Number 1.)  Possibly the most recent bit of news, NGP games will be dual-released.  As in, Physical and Digital releases, same-day.  This is a trend that has started with the PSP fairly recently, and hasn't stuck that well, but for those that have gone that extra little mile to do it, we who appreciate the work involved salute you.  Even if I don't really get into the Digital Sales thing, (I only did once, thanks to a sale) having the option is just wonderful for those who prefer it and, most of all, it ensures that everyone can buy your game.  I've covered it before, but the developers that can release a digital version of their game, yet don't, are out of their goddamn minds.

Or, perhaps they're just waiting on

Number 2.)  There have been talks, ideas thrown about, of PSP games getting NGP re-releases.  Which, obviously will face the problems that one could expect; people groaning that some companies might decide to re-release PSP games in lieu of doing a digital version (Which might be negated by number 1), that the games might have little, if no, extra work put into them (I'd certainly be a little annoyed if the games were pure-and-simple ports), and that they might even be at an 'inflated' (read:  Standard with proper NGP) prices.  I'd hope that any developer that decides to take advantage of this idea, if it comes to fruition, plans for it carefully.  Using the example of Peace Walker, I'd certainly hope there would be dual-stick support at the very least not to mention making use of standards other NGP games will, i.e. possibly using the touch screens, coughtrophiescough, perhaps slightly updated graphics/frame rates.  We'll just have to see how that works out.

Speaking of things we have to wait and see about with anticipation..

Number 3.)  The Price.  Now, this is by no means confirmation, and, in fact might not even be all that reliable, but even the mere notion that Sony could manage to push out a model of the NGP at $250 is nothing short of a fucking miracle and gives me hope.  The $350 Price-tag on the 3G-Enabled model is less enticing, especially considering who knows how 3G will be handled, but done right, it would certainly be worth that extra money.  (As in, no BS plans and a reasonable cap)  Again, it might not turn out this way, but Ubisoft is pretty big and any reason to imagine that I could shell out the same amount of money for a 3DS and receive, instead, an NGP, is reason enough to speak of.

That's the biggest bits of news concerning the device lately, and certainly there will be more to come.  Hopefully with more pictures.  Because I left this one picture-free on the basis that I've shown the best ones so far already.


  1. I'd definitely buy it for $250. This thing is going to replace my Go - and I love my Go.

    What I'm most thrilled about, with the NGP (aside from - woo! - two analog sticks) is the fact that all the PSP games I bought off the PSN will work on it.

    I love, love, loves me some backward compatibility.

  2. Yeah, for $250, this thing would be mine, maybe even day-one, depending on funds. And, like I said, I'd even consider the $350 depending on how the 3G is handled. If it's dedicated to just a few things, or if I have to pay some second party for it or go through some unneeded hassle, then I probably won't bother.

    We'll just have to see how it all pans out.