Monday, March 21, 2011

Technology is Weird.

Remember when my Firefox hated Youtube or vice versa?  I do.  Boy, do I ever.

Well, for whatever reason, it's working again.  This is....quite baffling to me.  Nothing has changed whatsoever.  Virus scans haven't found anything new (the only thing it finds, always, are tracking cookies, which, well, don't matter), I haven't changed the way I do things, nothing different has occurred.  And yet, here I am, with a youtube video loaded in another tab, playing this remix that I'm sure I've posted before, but I can't remember what post off-hand.

Not in a channel, just, y'know, normal youtube video.  The paranoid part of my brain is telling me that this is forewarning of terrible things.  Obviously, I have somehow stumbled onto this bit of good fortune that will eventually damn me in some other, more terrible way than having to watch youtube videos in-channel.  Obviously.

And on the topic of weird technology, let's talk about Meteorology.  And by weird technology, I mean technology that is shit.  I go to The Weather Channel's website, check the Hour-by-Hour forecast for my area, nod that there is, apparently, a 10% chance of precipitation in my area until like, 6 AM, and go about my merry way.  And then here, at 11:38 PM, I hear thunder.  Go check again.  Same thing.  Check the map, and there is very clearly precipitation right near my area, and will likely move over me.  And precipitate all over me.  Or something.

It might not, though.  Who knows.  But I know that if it storms here, heads will roll.

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