Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Firefox & Youtube - WTFRage

Tonight's post is more of a quick note because I am entirely too frustrated and tired to post up something nice.  Basically, on top of a very long day, Firefox installed a new version tonight (after downloading last night) and has completely messed up my ability to enjoy Youtube videos.  Not because I can't watch them, but because I can't watch them in any way that is convenient now for some reason that escapes me.

These videos on my blog that are all youtube vids?  I can watch those.  If I go into my/uploader's channel, I can watch their videos.  If I click on a goddamn video to open it up in a normal youtube window?  NOTHING.  It blows my mind and confuses the hell out of me, and nothing I do is fixing the problem.  So, I just said screw it, I can watch videos in channel and that works fine enough.

Just stupid that I have to do that when it worked perfectly fine last night.


1 comment:

  1. That's weird - I updated today too and I'm having no problem. But that would piss me right off, if it were I.