Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capcom Sure Does Love Some Ports - Resident Evil Revival

So, apparently, Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica are getting up-ported, as part of possibly the weirdest duo of games to get bundled together yet.  (As far as same series goes.)  Resident Evil 4, which is most often lauded as 'the best one' (It's not), and Code Veronica, which, well, I'd wager that not a lot of people even know about, in the scheme of it.  I'd almost hope that there's something else coming with it, but it's hard telling.  Seriously, though, this is like releasing Super Mario Sunshine with Super Mario Bros. 2.  Sure, they're the same series of games, but really?

Anyways, this would be the point where I say, "Welp, looking forward to it!" but honestly, I'm not sure if I am.  I tried to like RE4, really I did.  But I just couldn't be assed to care for it.  Perhaps if it was a touched up version of the Wii Version (I.E. Move controls), I'd be up for it.  At least a trial.  If I was interested in either of the games, it'd be Code Veronica, since, as we know, I love me some batshit crazy, and Code Veronica has that in spades.  (As opposed to the later RE's brand of flat-out dumb.)

I don't know what all I want to say about RE4 here, since it's a topic that I can eventually get a bit long-winded in, in terms of my dislike for it, and as such, might end up with its own post later on down the road, but suffice to say, the story blows my mind, and not in the good way, the controls were dated years prior to the release (And were awkward enough that it wasn't even a "Haha, oh Capcom, you so silly" thing, it was actually a case of me wondering just how people managed to friggin' play it.) and I just can't put my finger on it, but there's just something that doesn't click with me.

Conversely, Code Veronica is more like every Resident Evil prior to 4 (Likely because it was also prior to 4) and thus, in some form, better than 4.  In my opinion.  And, like I said, I am a fan of batshit crazy stories and without really spoiling anything, Code Veronica has that to spare, not to mention a control scheme that, while still archaic, is archaic in a way that the players have likely already gotten used to it already, so it's not so jarring.  And sure, Steve sucked, but at least he wasn't Leon friggin' Kennedy.

Still.  More Compilations for the compilation gods!

Update:  So, Joystiq reported today that both of these games will be downloadable only in NA.  Until/If that changes like the PoP Collection, I won't be bothering.


  1. What do you mean, up-port - do we mean 3DS, here? (clicks)... ohhh.

    Yeah, I'd buy that. I liked Code Veronica and loved 4 - I'd probably do this.

  2. Also, RE4 has plenty of batshit crazy. Did we forget the tiny dude in the Napoleon hat and the giant tiny-Napoleon-hat-dude statue that chases you?

    That's what 5 was lacking over 4 - the weird shit.

  3. Eh, I kind of roll that in with the "Dumb", but it's been a while; it may have been more crazy than dumb.

  4. The dude you impale to a wall mid-rant with a knife! :D