Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goddamnit Nintendo, Let Me Buy This 3DS

Goddamnit Europe.  Goddamnit Nintendo of America.  One of you groups are responsible for quite a few issues lately and it's becoming clear that this isn't changing much anytime soon.  Just announced was the above pictured 3DS for Europe Only which is, quite obviously a Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time 3D 3DS Bundle celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the franchise in a way much more spectacularly than an orchestral arrangement of some of the songs in the series.  And it is glorious.  So glorious that I would gladly pay the full asking price for it and finally own a 3DS which, as I said a while back, is inevitable at this point, but I was intending on waiting for the 3DS Lite or whatever it'll be called that'll have the Slide Pad integrated into it.  Because, well, you know that's going to happen.

Still, I might be able to wait for that version anyway, as it was only announced for Europe and, as noted above, Nintendo-related things that have only been announced for Europe tend to stay that way, at least for extended periods of time if not indefinitely.  Which, most of the time, I don't really care; as I've noted several times before I'm not really involved in Nintendo things this gen beyond the token effort; a Wii in the house and a DS on my shelf, plus a handful of games for either that have either been played or aren't going to get played until the Wii-U comes out.  Even then, who knows when I'll actually pick one up, since so much of it is still a general mystery as of yet, but that's not the point and I don't want to get derailed.

Honest, I don't like to Picture-whore my posts up, but really.  Really.  Just look at that, that is amazing.  Slide-pad be damned, I would really, honestly buy that in a heartbeat and I don't even care -too much- about the Zelda series.  (Link to the Past is the best one, everyone get off my goddamn lawn)  I know I just reiterated that point that I made literally two paragraphs ago, but it bears repeating; this is seriously one thing that I am honestly annoyed at, in that I won't even be able to -consider- purchasing it unless some miracle occurs and Nintendo of America gets their shit together.  I....am not exactly convinced or hopeful of that really, so I won't even hope for it.  Perhaps I will be surprised, but likely not.

I feel bad that I can't really say much beyond "Look at this, I want this", but really, can you blame me?  Hopefully we'll hear one way or another soon so that it won't be this constant feeling of the unknown but, again, I doubt it.  Just expect to be able to look enviously at our European Comrades in Gaming who didn't get completely shafted for once.  Glad you guys have one in the Win Column if nothing else.

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