Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Platinum Get - Dynasty Warriors 7

As I've lamented/whinged about several times in the past week or so, I've been working at getting a Platinum trophy in Dynasty Warriors 7 so that I could go into Xtreme Legends without so much as a worry about my ability to go back to vanilla DW7.  And now, I have attained that, since I don't have to worry about vanilla DW7 because I am done with it.  I have wrested each and every one of its offerings from its iron-grasp and raised high my sixteenth Platinum trophy for all to see, bearing the inscription "True Warrior of the Three Kingdoms".  Because I am, damnit.  It's a good feeling, and for as much as I've complained and whined, it honestly wasn't that difficult and by the end of it, when it happened, I had felt that it was actually a bit quick.  Not the overall process, of course, but those final steps that brought me to ultimate victory.

As I outlined in the above-linked post, my process went as simply as I laid it out:  I ended up getting everyone's skill points first, which was step one of finishing Audio Collector (All skills unlocks Voice Gallery 1, Max Bond unlocks Voice Gallery 2), which let me really dig into Consensus Builder.  All at once, I was able to hire reinforcements of officers I needed bond with (every...five battles, I believe), take on a sworn ally again finally (since I no longer had to dual-SP grind and thus returned to a solitary 'player') and run "Tong Gate Defensive Battle" which was always some form of Shu vs. Other, the exact two factions I lacked bond with almost as a whole.  My gains were great and varied, as you might guess, which made the final step go that much quicker.  Though I lacked bond with several people, it was all minimal amounts; one or two battles later and they were ready to swear that we would never part.  Of course, moments after, we would part as I would take on a new Sworn Ally, or I wasn't one with them to begin with.

The final outlier, which was Jiang Wei surprisingly (a Shu officer, and one you'd expect to lead the defensive battle, rather than Bao Sanniang or Zhao Yun, but he never did) and two battles later as Gan Ning (my default character in Dynasty Warriors games almost universally) saw him awaiting me in one of the cities.  Talking with him raised his bond the last bit, which brought everyone's bond to max and gave me the Consensus Builder trophy right there.  It was not until I left to the world map once more that I was granted the Audio Collector Trophy (Partially because you're only made aware of this fact on the world map), which lead to the Meticulous Collector trophy, which lead to the Platinum.

One domino topples the next topples the next and it was a great feeling, I assure you.  Not even because I honestly care so much about the Platinum trophy, but just more for the fact that I -got it- and it's now -there- and it's my mark for all to see.  You need to know someone who cares about Dynasty Warriors?  You found him.  I am all about that shit, I assure you.  I have this thing, you see, that proves as much, on top of the save file with just under 100 hours put into it I have on my PS3's HDD as well as a memory stick as a backup.

I know it may have come across as a bit sarcastic, but I am one who honestly, truly does care about the Dynasty Warriors series; not only because they're fun games, but more because they are really what brought me to realize that I honestly have a really big love of history.  Because I played a demo for Dynasty Warriors 4 so many, many years ago, I ended up buying the game, which lead to me getting informed that 3 was the best, getting it and Xtreme Legends for it, which lead to loving the series more, which lead to finding out more and more about the era.  All that ended up bringing me around to looking into more history of other times (the Sengoku period) and at least forming a passive interest in some times that I will one day further investigate (War of the Roses, Hundred Years War, etc.).

Honestly, it's a bit silly to suggest, but who knows what sorts of games I might be into now if I hadn't gotten into Dynasty Warriors when I did?  I never would've taken interest into the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, which wouldn't have awoken an enjoyment for Wargames, which probably would've meant my interest in Strategy RPGs and the like might not have been ignited as it was (though it doesn't burn that hotly) and who knows what that would have meant?  It's strange, really, to try and consider "What If" scenarios like that, but what I can say, simply, is that my interest in the Dynasty Warriors series, as I said, is genuine, if only because I -know- it got me into other things that I may or may not have gotten into otherwise.

Not too bad for what a lot of people consider to be such a throw-away series, huh?

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