Saturday, November 26, 2011

Second Thoughts - 3DS

Now, I know I said I really, really wanted this 3DS, even going so far as to say I would "gladly pay full asking price" to get it and, well, that opportunity materialized in what I don't think is necessarily a limited time offer, which has brought me, obviously, to the point of 'put up or shut up'.  Unfortunately, I have to do the latter option here in the form of a lengthy post here (which is sort of funny) quite simply because A.) I really didn't expect it to come to America and B.) I just don't have the money.  I've pretty much got everything set aside for Christmas shopping and, whatever else will likely go towards my Vita purchase and assorted things involved with that come February.  I'll need a memory stick and Uncharted:  Golden Abyss at the very least, of course, which means I'll have to walk into the store with quite more than just the $200 pricetag (since I pre-ordered for $50.) which means that is $200 less I have to go spending on a 3DS, no matter how pretty t is.

And it is pretty, of course.  It is very pretty as I've said before and, upon thinking about it, it'll be pretty easily compatible with the Slide-Pad add-on since it, too, is black, though I imagine there might be conflicting finishes.  Basically what I'm saying is that it would be too bad to get this 3DS with plans for the future, even in the face of the obvious next 3DS with better battery and two-sticks native to the device, and if I could, I'd get right on that.  Of course, in time, if I find spare money kicking around (doubtful) and don't have anything else to buy (also doubtful) and I find one of these hanging around (seriously, this is nil chance) I do promise to snap it the hell up.  If just so I have something to play Rune Factory 4 on.

This kind of 'eventuality' feeling that I have with the 3DS is exactly why I'm pretty comfortable with getting around to the system since it's something that I don't have to jump on.  I'll get one eventually, as many of us will (which is why I think it's silly for all this knee-jerk from months passed) as there's simply not a reason against it.  It's a Nintendo handheld, it's going to have great 3rd Party games (specifically from people carrying on DS franchises at the very least, but there will be more) and will be, you know, the DS if just a little different because there's a 3 in front of it.  I can't honestly figure anyone with a DS out there is going "I'm never getting a 3DS", but rather "I'm waiting on the library of the 3DS to grow/second revision of the 3DS to come out before I buy one", which I imagine is the category I'm in.

At the same time, I am kind of looking forward to getting my 3DS now, if not even for the thought of the games, but just to see what the device is going to be like.  I'm pretty much in the complete dark on that, on purpose, so when people start talking about "Street Pass" and this and that with regards to the 3DS I just sort of shrug and tune out.  I already don't know what it means and finding out now won't do me a bit of good; especially if it stays in tradition with a lot of other Nintendo offerings and is on series of time limits that will have long-passed by the time I get one.  I only say this, of course, since I've heard tell of people getting a few things, additions and the like from StreetPass, which instantly puts my mind into that cynical area.  I might be wrong, of course!  But if I am, I'll find out whenever I get around to owning one of these.

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