Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welp, Definitely Getting A 3DS Now

I'd missed it, but apparently Siliconera has made not one, but two updates about Rune Factory 4, which I hadn't even known was a thing, as I'd assumed they were just busy working on Rune Factory: Oceans.  Or...whatever it's called.  But, well, once again, we learn to not assume things, especially when games are concerned, as it's over 50% done.  Not only that, but it, much like previous incarnations of the series, have a lot of new additions that sound really cool, and have succeeded in tantalizing me, making me crave this even though my game with Rune Factory 3 has gone lukewarm.

Only one problem; it's for the 3DS.

Now, I've said it before; I was always going to get a 3DS, as is, likely, everyone, it's just that I figured, "Eh, I'll get it after the first revision when they figure out the battery life and do new thngs", etc. etc. and put no more thought into it.  It's possible, depending on the localization cycle, that I can still put in a real good wait time on this, but Rune Factory 4 has truly, honestly tipped my hand.  And now begins the waiting.  Anything short of a cross-platform port (which, I'm just going to guess isn't going to happen, s'much as I would like it) ensures that a 3DS will be in my hands at some point more than Ocarina of Time 3D and more than MGS 3: Snake Eater 3D can.  Which.....I think means I might have a Harvest Moon problem.

Of the notable additions to the game, the fact that you'll be able to take a more sim-ish approach to it (apparently) by constructing buildings in the town to draw others your town which...I don't know.  Maybe gives you more people to talk to?  Gives you more points to make more buildings?  The buildings themselves offer fairly obvious bonuses (Blacksmith will sell you weapons, I imagine, pharmacy sells you medicines, etc.), so perhaps you're attracting people to work in your town!  I don't know.  We'll just have to see and wait excitedly in the meantime.

And the other, possibly most important new thing to the game, is the addition of the "Sweetheart" system.  Used to be, in Harvest Moon/Rune Factory games, you would build up a relationship with a girl from "Unknown" to "Friend" to "Friend I really want to jump", but nothing would really happen until you proposed.  Because everyone in HM/RF has, I dunno, morals or something.  Prudes.  Anyways, gone are the times of innocence.  Apparently, after a certain point in your relationship with a girl (or boy!  There's a female main character possible now as well.) you can be, I guess, more than friends, but not married.  And you can do this with multiple partners.

Awwwwwwwww yeah.  Debauchery up ins, son.

But no, this is pretty cool.  I'm especially looking forward to it after really getting to like all the characters in RF3 (Well, the datable ones, at least) in different ways, and I kinda wished you could experience being with them without marrying them.  Perhaps I wasn't the only one who felt that way!  I guess the excitement I'm feeling here is indicative that the series really does seem to be evolving as it goes, which honestly, I guess I didn't expect it to.

Here's hoping for better colors of the 3DS by the time this comes out in the states.

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