Sunday, July 31, 2011

Platinum Get - inFamous 2

I finally did it today.  Dressed as Kessler, I ran Cole through the last levels of inFamous 2 one last time as fast as I could, and finally got that last trophy I needed, "Pain Brings Character", since Sucker Punch didn't realize adding a Difficulty Selector screen at the start of the game would have, oh I don't know, prevented a lot of headaches.  But I don't begrudge them for it; I love inFamous 2, present tense, so playing it again isn't a chore or anything of the sort.  I will say, however, that I'm willing to give up one or two more things I'm not entirely happy with, regarding the game.

We all grumbled at Assassin's Creed doing it five years ago, so I don't really see why inFamous 2 would get a pass here; unskippable cutscenes are dumb.  They always have been dumb, and they always will be dumb.  Of course, inFamous 2's cutscenes aren't very long, so you're only sitting there for a few minutes grumbling about how you're not at the other end of it already to simply play the game, but it's still something complaint-worthy, which is unfortunate.  Well, I should say that the in-engine cutscenes were the unskippable ones; the comic-style ones are entirely skippable, however why you would want to skip those ones, I'm not entirely sure.

My other grumble is that, honestly?  There weren't enough comic-style cutscenes.  I'm glad Sucker Punch go their act together and made the animations 100x better than the first time, and it's nice and all to watch, but there were just so many times in the game where I really would have preferred watching the outcome shown in comic book form, and pretty much all of them are spoilers, so I won't really paint them out.  I'm sure you can think of a few yourselves, anyway.  I guess I will say, since it's a fairly non-spoiler by now, that the part where you get your non-electric powers, that cutscene as a Motion Comic one would've been much better.

But for the positive, I still cannot put fully into words just how much fun it is to get around in this damn game.  Running around and being able to Ice Launch at any given time has provided the most 'freeing' experience in regards to mobility that I've ever encountered.  By the end of the game, I felt like a damn expert at it, with the way I was getting around and taking foes out.  I was nigh-untouchable, and that's not just hubris.  The amount of deaths I got on this last run (for what it's worth, I started from, well, mission 27, I think.  Zeke's Spotlights.  Vague enough so it's not a spoiler, mwahaha.) was far less than I'd gotten in either of my previous plays, which admittedly is logical, but I'm talking to the degree where you, as the person playing, really notice.

It's a great feeling, of course.

And all through this last bit of playing, I couldn't help but yearn for more.  More inFamous, more of this feeling of power, this mobility that you can only get from this series.  It's far too far off to get my hopes up for a threequel to even be announced, much less finished, but I did think of something rather enticing for the meanwhile.  We all know of my love for the Vita, and I've expressed the theory that if an inFamous game were put on it, my time would disintegrate, shatter into nothing but concentrated electric blasts on an OLED screen in the palms of my hands.  And it would, of course.

Doesn't mean I don't want it, though.  Of course, I wouldn't want inFamous 3 on the portable - Sucker Punch is not Sega, and for that we're all grateful.  But I'm sure Sony is itching for some installment on the system and a straight-port might not be the best route.  So my thoughts went to Uncharted: Golden Abyss.  An entirely separate adventure made just for the portable in the classic Uncharted style, and it's not too unfeasible that Sucker Punch could, or would for that matter, do the same.  Sucker Punch does take quite a few cues from Naughty Dog, after all, and good on them for it.

But there is a story yet to be told in the inFamous universe.  Several, actually, but one that is chief among them:  The story of Kessler.  Knowing what we know about him, it's not like the game would be unlike inFamous or inFamous 2, after all.  And as I pointed out quite a few times in my thoughts on inFamous 2's overall story (spoilers!), there are a few things in inFamous 2 that really don't add up, so further extrapolation would be nice, not only because it means more inFamous, but because the first game set such a great story, that it would be nice for it to remain that way.

I'm not exactly holding my breath on an inFamous side-story on the Vita, but it would be nice.  I'm near-positive we'll see something on the handheld, but only time will tell what it is.  It'll be wonderful, whatever it is, I'm sure.

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