Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Valkyria Chronicles 2 - Haha HaHaHaHaHa!

This is a jovial little update here on Valkyria Chronicles 2, as today, at 1:57 P.M., my tank, Clover, shot (Big Bad's Name Here, keeping it spoiler-free up ins) in the goddamn face for the level, and game win.  It was a pretty great feeling.  I was then treated to ending that I didn't really care about before thrust into Post Game.  And, uh....I know in the past, I said I wanted to do Post Game Stuff....but I dunno.  I'm not really sure, since 3-Star Missions just make me go cross-eyed as I remember some previous maps of lower difficulty that really sucked as it stood.

I might though.  Or I might at least get the post game only Grinding mission and get all of the XP to max my classes just for the hell of it.  Maybe not, that's a lot of effort.  But at least I'm thinking about it.  I'm eager to do something with the game before I move onto something else (I've been thinking about giving Jeanne D'Arc another shot, as the last time I tried playing it, I really wasn't in a Strategy RPG mood) but I'm just not sure what it is.

I really have to say, I'm supremely disappointed in the lack of more Valkyria Chronicles, specifically news on the localization of the 3rd (which honestly might not happen), given that while Valkyria Chronicles 2 is a good game, it's a game that doesn't want me to play it.  I can't describe what it is; Valkyria Chronicles 1, I could go over, pop it in and play it right damn now, so long as I skip the last handful of story missions.  It's -fun- to play, and it's challenging in a welcoming way, whereas Valkyria Chronicles 2 is challenging in a "Here's nigh-invincible assholes until you blow up a tank hiding on another map, have fun!" way.  I just really would have hoped for a similar challenge, and I can't help but wonder if Valkyria Chronicles 3's challenge level is more on par with the first's.  Maybe I'll never know.

I keep holding out hope that Sega will announce, perhaps, a PSN-only localization towards the end of the year to come out during the Holiday season when, y'know, everything else comes out, as their strategy is to be overshadowed whenever and however possible.  Or maybe even a Vita release, or something like a VC2/VC3 double-pack.  (I'm not sure if, given the Vita's graphics potential to assuredly run the CANVAS engine better than the PSP at least, hoping for a Vita port of VC1 will get me lynched.  But I mean, come on, Portable Valkyria Chronicles 1?  Who wouldn't buy that?)  Or that they'll do something with VC3.  I mean, they acknowledged that America did more with the first than they expected.  They know we can make numbers if they give us an unquestionably quality product, as was the first.

So, come on, Sega.  Act like it.

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