Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Look Ahead - Lollipop Chainsaw

This is Juliet Sterling.  She's 18, loves pink, school spirit and cheerleading.  She carries around a chainsaw because her school, San Romero High School, has been overrun by zombies.  She also has a disembodied head on her waist because...


Anyways.  This was announced today!  Well, actually, it was outed all the way back in February, but somehow a Grasshopper Manufacture project called "Lollipop Chainsaw" went fairly unnoticed.  Games Journalism, everybody.  (I'm kidding, I missed it too.)  And actual screens and artwork went out for it as well.  For the eight screens I saw, only two weren't upskirts, and thus I don't have a lot of link fodder here.  I mean, there's nothing inherently wrong with posting that stuff, and it's not even that I have a personal opinion against it, but, eh.  Just don't feel like posting that here.  Not at this juncture.

For my part, I'm very willing to saw this looks delightfully absurd and outright crazy which, as we know, I quite enjoy.  And honestly, this does more than anything to make me want to go buy Shadows of the Damned if just to get a better chance at this getting localized.  I mean, I want to say this is a shoe-in for getting localized, since it kind of looks made for the west more than anything (And, hell it takes place in the West.  By the way, San Romero High School?  Niiiiiice.), but nothing's certain these days, and I'm sure we all know the things we want sometimes don't always come our way.

Obviously, not a whole lot of information on the game is out just yet, but what we do know is fairly vital; It's a Suda51 game (somewhat.  Enough.  I mean, look at it.), the protagonist is a pink, heart-etched chainsaw wielding cheerleader with a disembodied head hanging at her waist like an accessory, and you're going to kill a lot of zombies in a high school (likely city as well) setting.  I know I may be easy to please with bullet points, but tell me my faith is ill-placed at this point.  I dare you.

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