Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Regular Show is Pretty Great.

So, I haven't really been in the best mood today.  To say that I've been "blah" is a bit optimistic, but the only real problem it's created is that I've sat here for two hours staring at a blank screen wondering just what to write.  And my mind has kept wandering to, in my opinion, the best Cartoon out there at the moment:  The Regular Show.  And I just...had no real idea on how to do an actual blogpost about it, because I don't want to link to, y'know, full episodes since that might become a felony at some point, but then I realized, hey, Cartoon Network should have clips.  And they do.

Basically, the premise of The Regular Show is to be a goddamn cartoon and be funny.  You don't get a lot of those these days, in all honesty.  Some just want to be 'creative' for creativity's sake, some want to use it as a delivery method of ideals or whatnot, but The Regular Show?  Nah.  It's about two slackers who work at a park. is used loosely here.  Mordecai, a Blue Jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, are just best buds who like playing video games, hanging out, and looking out for number one.  It's evocative of older shows, where they come up with absurd ideas to make money and fail spectacularly and hilariously, but they duo aren't always looking for money.

In this clip they are, though.  (Embedding is disabled, sorry you'll just have to live with links.)  They just want a little cash for tickets to Fist Pump, a rather popular band in the Regular Show universe.  And they're using their new friends who are coffee dealers to help!  In 80s Montage style.

And in this clip Mordecai and Rigby are having a bit of a wrestling match with.....well, they're just having a wrestling match.  At home.  Which you probably shouldn't do.

And here, Rigby discovers the best plate ever and the duo quickly decide such a great plate deserves a delicious treat atop it, but discover a personal shortcoming preventing them from achieving that.

So, if you're particularly inclined to watching cartoons, consider this the highest recommendation I can offer.  I absolutely love the show and hope you do too.


  1. Goddamned not-available-in-your-country videos! Oh the international humanity!

  2. D'oh. Figures. Well, there's other videos out there on youtube that can let you get a taste of the show if you care to look around. Do you even get Cartoon Network in Canada, though? Or is there an 'equivalent' channel?

  3. There's sort-of an equivalent channel, but like our Comedy Network there's often missing shows (we don't really get an Adult Swim, for example).

    Usually it's fine, 'cause we don't know what we're missing out on.