Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lazy Saturday? Valkyria Chronicles Time.

While I don't intend to talk about Valkyria Chronicles so much, I've found that, well, it just happens.  It's hard not to talk about the games, as they're rather fantastic.  Even though I've written quite a few posts about it already, some of them more positive than others, I find that there's, honestly, always more and more to be talked about, be it gripes, funny stories, or just all-around "Yes!" moments.  I guess to start, I do have one of those gripes, though; but it's not necessarily with the game itself, but perhaps the people writing FAQs for them.

While I won't link to it, it's.....not that hard to find, but a general FAQ about the game is out there, and it's the very same one I mentioned was no help the other day, which should have been a tip-off right there.  But, hell, I kept going with it because I figured the dude put all that work into it, he couldn't be completely wrong about everything with it, right?  Well, possibly not everything, no, but I have learned that the guide is pretty much 0/2 on helpfulness with me and my playing the game.  Perhaps it's a matter of two very different playing styles not meshing well with one another, or perhaps he's just....dumb.

You see, in Valkyria Chronicles 2 at least, you honestly never have to grind (for experience), which is sometimes said about other RPGs, but it's actually true in VC2.  Because levels don't really matter; all they do is slightly increase stats over a very prolonged number of levels.  Obviously, you'll be able to tell the difference between a level 1 Scout and a level 30 scout, but the more important part is classes, since there's absolutely no way a level 1 Scout can be confused with a level 30 Scout Elite, or even a level 30 Scout and a level 30 Scout Elite, they're all just different beasts.

Of course, the reward for grinding is there; you get new characters for getting your classes to their max levels, and you'll end up getting the credits you need, as well as parts for crafting new weapons.  So, if you're so inclined to grind, you'll want to have a good map to do so; which is where the FAQ came in.  You see, I already have a spot - Deadly Assault, a free mission in August - which is good for 90K a run-through and takes a minimum of three actions to finish.  Which is quite efficient I must say, but a little unsatisfying, especially later on in Class levels.  My Scouts take 300k for -one- level up now, and they're only in the early 30s; I need a little more, you see.

So when I checked the recommended Grinding areas, this is what I was shown:


  • (January)[1P] Combat Exercise: Classmate Missions


  • [Morris][1P] In Search of Moonglow: ~43,000EXP / Mrch / MrchII / MrchX

Post Game

  • (June)[Story] Retaking the Armory: ~47,200EXP / Mrch / MrchX / Certificate
  • (Paid)[1P] Ghostly Conflagration: ~280,000EXP / ArmsX / ArmsIIX / Diploma
First off, let it be known that my grinding area isn't in there.  There's tip-off number two.  But let's ignore that for the moment and focus on the important part here; the mission at the very end that grants you around 280K per run.  That's quite tempting, isn't it?  And you'd think, since it's listed as a 'grind map' that it's rather simple to complete, yeah?'s not, really.  Not at all.

Without spoiling too much, the mission in question has you in the Doerfin Mines which is just an -awful- map to begin with.  And it tasks you with taking down a powered up version of one of the more annoying bosses, while dodging super tanks in the process, of course.  Now, the character here can be taken out rather easily, but it's one of those 'Perfect Storm' situations where it's not really worth the effort.

I watched a video run-through of it, which showed that the person took a whole turn, the enemy turn and then half of their second turn before the map was completed, which isn't that efficient in my mind.  While it probably does stack up to my preferred grinding in terms of overall time spent, it doesn't work well on my nerves, since this boss character is the type to know you're standing a mile behind him, turn around, and shoot you dead with a sub-machine gun just because he can.  And if you manage to stop his attack by readying your own, he's more likely than not going to drop to the ground just to stand up and finish you off.  Given that snipers, the character you'll want to take him on with, are frail and you likely won't have a lot on your team, it leaves the chance for spectacular failure.

Maybe I'm just being silly, but I'm not really ready to risk it.  I'll just have to find some other method of going about grinding in a better way, as I want some more level 50 classes!  My Shocktroopers are lonely in their epicness.

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