Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a Few Things to Touch On

So, I can't exactly call this a Bonus Post, as, were I one to hold myself to updating everyday, I'd actually be down one.  But as we know, I only officially hold myself to a post every other day, buuuuut, eh, I don't really hold myself to anything, as I genuinely like posting here.  So, call it a bonus, call it catch up, it's still a post I wanted to make, because I have a few things to rant and brag about.

First, I will state that, as my Twitter showed last night, it stormed.  A lot.  Waaaaaaaaaaaay more than the Meteorologists predicted it would, as they figured around 5 EST would be the latest anyone in my area would see a storm, with everyone in the south end of the state I occupy being the ones wanting to look out for angry static seekers from the sky.  So it's no surprise that when it stormed, uh, at 5, at 6, at 7, all the way to Midnight that I was a little goddamn pissed at these fuckmuppets.

I hate harping on this subject, because it's not even fun anymore.  I don't usually take the time to get angry anymore, more as I just see them fucking up, getting no repercussions and sigh a little, wondering why they have jobs.  But a storm going on for seven hours longer than predicted is a pretty egregious fuck up.  So, I just -had- to bring it up.  Not only because of that, but because it leads into my next topic, which is a quite positive note..

Anyone who's played Valkyria Chronicles 2 knows exactly who this is, but for the uninitiated, this is Dirk.  Dirk is one of the big bads of the game.  Sorry, very minor spoilers I know, but, fuck it, you see him pretty early on in the game, so don't worry about it.  Anyways, the important part of this whole thing is that, last night, stuck with nothing else to do, and not feeling like grinding out another level in Phantasy Star Portable 2, I picked Valkyria Chronicles 2 back up, fully intending to just....er, grind out some more experience.  Because why not?  And then I remembered I was stuck at a mission where you have to go up against Dirk and went, "You know what?  It's time to take this asshat -down-."

So....after looking up a FAQ, trying the method described and failing miserably (Seriously FAQ writer?  Upload that approach to youtube, because I don't fuckin' believe that.) I took to 'the youtubes' to see a strategy in action.  It was, obviously, very different than the one described and when I put it to the test (with my own variations) it worked like a charm.  Just like that, level's beaten and I'm that much closer to finally beating Valkyria Chronicles 2.  Victory will be mine, game.  And though I'll likely never play VC3 since I'm not up for importing and playing a game I can't understand in the slightest (and Sega's full of jerkbags), I'll still be prepared to tout the praises of the series as a whole to anyone who'll listen, even though there's likely a flaw for every plus.

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