Sunday, November 13, 2011

Music! Sonic Edition

I've been watching a lot of stuff for Sonic Generations lately (which looks like a surprisingly good game, by the by) and I have to say that it reminded me of something that I've known for a while but, well, I guess I'd forgotten in past years:  Sonic games have friggin' fantastic music.  Now, while there's plenty of the classic songs I could throw up here and justify as to why they're there, I going to stick with Sonic Adventures 1&2 this time around as, while I haven't come right out and said it before, I loved the Dreamcast and I loved Sega as a whole way back in the day, so those two games probably had more of a lasting impression on me than any of the others.

First up, I've got the first of two songs from Sonic Adventure 2 (Which, amusingly enough, I don't think I ever beat.  At least, I don't remember doing so) which really needs no introduction.  Primarily because it was the introduction, basically, provided you decided to be Sonic at first by picking the Hero path.  Whosoever doesn't have fond memories of Sonic Adventure 2 while this song played is someone I don't care to meet, personally, because back in the day, if just for what it did, the first level of Sonic Adventure 2 (Hero Path) was fantastic and something everyone should've experienced.  So without going on about it anymore, here's City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2.

Next up is a song that, if the video is right on, is apparently the main theme of Sonic Adventure 1.  If it is, it's news to me, as I only remember the song from hearing it during the very last boss battle of Sonic Adventure 1, which I'm not going to name of course.  There's no real way this song can be embedded into my head any other way than with that fight, so to suggest to you that there's any possibility otherwise would just be lying to you.  Which I'm not known for doing, I would say.  Aside from being in the Final Boss fight, it's just a fun song to listen to by all means.  I haven't really heard it in Generations, but I have heard that there's some remixes in the game and the one of this was not stellar.  Can't confirm or deny myself, but considering that's what got me to talk about the songs, I figured it was mention worthy.  So here's Open Your Heart from Sonic Adventure 1.

The last song is the second of the two I picked from Sonic Adventure 2 and once again this appears to be the main theme of that game if I'm being told right.  Again, I couldn't tell you if that's true or not, since I don't remember a whole -lot- about the games other than some of the songs and some of the moments the games held.  Not really my overall experience or anything like that which is unfortunate and likely something that will get remedied at some point.  With any luck Sonic Adventure 2 will get an up-port treatment like it's predecessor and come out on PSN/XBLA where I could then snag both and overkill on the Sonic playing.  We'll just have to see, but in the meantime here's Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2.

It's always fun to look back at the songs from earlier years and realize that, yes, Video game music has -always- been awesome, general, and it's not some new trend that started with this or last generation, but far before that.  Music might be a little more loud, a little more booming, a little more involving or a little more 'epic' now, but if it's good, it's as good as it's always been.  I imagine if I do another look at Sonic music, I'll include some real classics to make that point a little more obvious.

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