Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gravity Rush is Looking Legitimately Good

Now, I know it's kind of a weird thing to preface something with "Legitimately Good", but when we're talking about a Launch title for anything, quality does always have to be an issue that is scrutinized by weighing it against the newness of the device.  Obviously the tech is new and as such, there is very little to suggest that any developer has discovered little ways to use the wizardry that one often finds later on in a console/handheld to make the quality that much higher than before tricks were known, so you more or less have to be a little forgiving in certain areas.  Take Shinobido 2 for example; by all means from what we've seen it will not be a pretty game by any means, but it's not bad for a first effort with a device that hasn't been tinkered with yet.

My point is, more or less, that after looking at the above trailer and a few other resources of information for the game, I'm not sure that Gravity Rush will need to really be judged on this curve as it looks just fantastic.  The art style/direction has a lot to do with this, obviously, but it just doesn't look like it's really hampered in appearance or mechanics because of new tech, and really just instills a good feeling in looking at it since, inevitably, Vita games yet to come will likely eclipse it in 'quality' simply because everyone will know how to work with the device by then.  While I'm not sure if there'll be a such thing as an increase in quality at Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 levels, I can hope, which well....when it starts this good, is quite a thing.

I don't really know a whole lot about Gravity Rush as a game, other than the story seems like it'll take place over some cutscenes and Comic Book style events (as seen in the video) which is plenty fine by me, and the main 'gimmick' of the game is, of course, nullifying gravity.  I imagine this will be used in puzzle situations as well as fighting, and can only hope that we actually -get- a city as we see in the trailers and previews and not just...chunks of areas, which I suspect is a possibility.  If technical limitations come into play at all, I imagine that's where it'll happen which wouldn't be -terrible-, but a city plus gravity manipulation is just so enticing to think of.

From what I've seen, the story of the game seems a little underthought on the surface, but that could just be because it's a story of discovery and as such, is meant to be as such.  Kat(t?) the main character, awakes at the start of the game with amnesia, gravity powers, and a whole mess of enemies, and during the story, I assume she will regain some of her memories to at least figure out why she's being chased and/or hunted.  Again, not the shining example of an exemplary story on its surface, but it might open up into something quite enjoyable, so it's hard to judge on that.  Still, I'm hopeful, as I have no reason to be outwardly negative on it since I am a little enamored with the game I believe.

I'm really interested in getting my hands on it if just to see how they handle the gravity manipulation with the fighting system, as it -looks- like you can use it to rush (hey, wait....) at your enemies to start the fight which is really, really cool.  Seems like it could make for some really fast paced combat, so long as it's not too basic.  I wouldn't mind either way, obviously, but I'd hate to see the game get panned for what too many consider 'unrefined' fighting.  Not all systems have to be Arkham copies after all; just because many like to copycat CoD shooting, that doesn't make it the right move, as an example.  So long as it does something and does it well, that's all we can hope for.  And it's what I am, indeed, hoping for.

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