Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playstation Suite Getting Closer

Joystiq has announced that Sony has announced that the Beta for the Playstation Suite program will be beginning later on in November.  Of course, this is only for Japan, and only for 'Playstation-Suite certified' devices which will eventually include the Vita and Sony's Tablets, but for now seems, s'far as I can tell, it looks like it'll just be available on the Xperia Play and other Android devices.  Maybe.  I'm not really sure as I haven't followed it much and can only really go by what that article says and what I can kind of figure on.  Plus, I kind of remember a few things from the keynotes about it a while back when it was first announced alongside the Xperia Play.

When I was doing a little look through of the news to pick out something to write about tonight, I almost skipped this entirely as, assuredly anything made with the Playstation Suite program, or at least 99% of it will be strictly 'Cell Phone' games in that they are made much in the style of the existing cell phone games that are meant to be played in bursts no longer than 3 minutes.  While that's fine and well, and those 3 minutes are usually quite enjoyable, I...can't help but really want something more.  After taking a dip into some of the Playstation Minis, I unfortunately have the same thing to say there from my experience.  There's just nothing...deep about them and if I'm paying cash money for something, I want a little depth in 99% of the cases.

Now while this isn't universally true, of course, the outliers are just that; outliers and exceptions, and not shining examples of the viability of Cell Phone gaming.  In the future, I'm sure that it'll evolve as a platform, much as everything has, especially as more and more 'serious' game devs start taking an interest in the mobile/non-handheld system market, but I'm not expecting leaps and bounds anytime soon.  Still, that Playstation Suite is really more or less the first opportunity for real indie support, I can't help but feel a little excited for it.  It only takes a few copies like "The Dishwasher" or the Zeboyd Games games to really implant something as viable in the minds of others and something of similar quality would likely push me into looking more into it.

That said, the bar is low and as long as we can keep the ESRB from getting involved and hiking the prices by $1-3 dollars, I'll be more than happy to take a look around at the first wave of iPhone ports and such since, well, I'm sure some of the games are popular for a reason and so long as I can find that reason I'll be content to give them a shot.  Then I'll be more than happy to sit back and enjoy the rest of the content available to the Vita until something really outstanding comes out as it assuredly will.  The amount of time it'll take might outweigh the advent of it, but only time will tell on that.  S'long as someone can make something of a less-shallow experience, I'm all for it.

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