Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yet Another Uncharted 3 Post (Kind Of)

I've been finishing up all I need to do with Uncharted 3, trophy-wise, over the last couple of days since, upon beating it on Crushing, my time with the game is becoming short.  Not out of want or desire of course, but of utility and responsibility.  Sort of.  I know the whole point of games is to play them because they're fun, but as I've lamented several times in the past, I simply don't have the luxury at the moment to simply sit back and play a game I enjoy unless I'm also 'gaining' something, be it trophies or simply the experience of traversing the story of it, because for every game I complete, there's three more that I already own and need to beat and two more that I want to buy and beat.  Those who checked the latter link I just posted will see that picture and know that no, I've barely made a dent in that and yes, there are more now.

My saving grace at the moment is that I simply don't have the money to go out and buy more games to add to the pile of things I haven't yet and likely will not play for a time yet; Uncharted 3 will likely be the last $60 game I purchase between now and next year, with the only other game on my purchasing radar (that I know of at the moment) is Dynasty Warriors 7:  Xtreme Legends.  I'm assuredly forgetting something, (aside from the Metal Gear Solid Collection which I remembered, but might just be waiting for the Vita version) but whatever that is, I simply don't even want to think about it at the moment.  I've been putting off making up a Christmas list for this explicit reason; even with just a single thought, I managed to put down five games that will assuredly take hours upon hours to complete, and more yet to conquer as is my usual goal.

Speaking of conquering games, that allows me to come back around to Uncharted 3, given that I'm in the process of doing that now.  Going from Crushing to Easy is like a whole new game, but not necessarily in a good way.  Despite everyone complaining that Uncharted 3 is apparently too hard or "bullshit hard" (which I personally call bullshit on because it is patently not bullshit in its difficulty) playing Drake's Deception on Easy after experiencing the thrill of firefights that I haven't experienced since the original just doesn't do much for me.  Of course, this is the fault of the difficulty and not the game itself as my complaint here is that I simply cannot die unless I'm accosted by two shotgun dudes at the same time or I just don't try to be good at the game.  I find myself craving that thrill once more; the rush you get when you put the final bullet into a foe who's reduced you to a blurred, grey screen of near-death with half a clip and are finally afforded a moment to relax against the comforting cover of a crate because that's itI've wrecked them all.

As I said in one of my earlier posts, "For Drake's path, under my supervision, was one of victory and so again shall it be. "  While I'd love to explain the best example of this, I fear I can't really because it's fairly spoiler-laden and cutting out the spoilered parts simply paints a strange picture that will, of course, only make sense to those who've come to this part as well and surpassed it.  Still, there's few things other than the undeniable frustration we get from challenging a difficult section of a game and failing several times, as only it can truly bring around the greatest feeling of satisfaction when you've not only beat that section, but destroyed it.  All who found themselves in your path now lie dead, leaving you to smugly survey the fallen and to steep in your superiority.  That's what you'll find on Crushing difficulty (or Hard/Normal as they're both a tinge tougher than implied), but not on Easy.

Of course, the purpose of going through the game on Easy now is simply to grab all the treasures I'd missed over my two separate playthroughs of the game (which were....very numerous.  I'm not good at finding treasures, I learned) with as little frustration as possible, as I wasn't sure how intricate the treasure guides strewn about the internet (at least what can be accessed on a PSP) would be, but while this is the simplest course of action to get the desired result (unless I miss some treasures like I have already goddamnit) I still can miss the thrill of a good challenge.  Regardless, there's a mere 20 or so treasures left and after that, I just have a few token kills trophies and then the obligatory "Introduction to Multiplayer" trophies that were similarly featured in Uncharted 2 trophies before I have the Platinum in the bag.  Number seventeen will be sweet.

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