Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Now With Official Trailer

I've said it before and I'll likely say it again, but I do so hate to post about the exact same thing that Chance does at any given moment but, as he's said, as we've agreed on and such, hey, sometimes that just happens.  Especially when it's something as big as Grand Theft Auto V being announced and then having a trailer release.  I don't want to go on about it too much without showing it off, so here it is before I get all verbose about it while not letting you know just what in the hell I'm talking about.

So, as suggested by the rumors floating around not so long after GTAV was officially announced, the game seems to take place in Los Santos as San Andreas before it did.  All the little subtleties were there, and then, well, the giant Vinewood (Hollywood equivalent) letters on the side of the hill was the slap of obvious we all, I guess, needed for an assured thing.  Let it be known that, if nothing else, Rockstar knows how to make a damn fine trailer as that was so goddamn well done that I watched it a few times already.  I think what I like the most is just how they seem to really get their voice actors into it as the person speaking did a damn fine job of delivering his lines.

Of course, that could be the first 'trapping' of the trailer.  Not that I'm suggesting anything malicious, just that, if you remember the -other- half of the rumors that were and are still out there, you'll remember that it suggests multiple main characters.  A single voice-over from some guy, nice as it is, isn't necessarily confirmation one way or another of that, especially when he's not even shown.  For all we know, he could be a main player in the story, but not necessarily a player controlled character.  I wouldn't mind so much if he was, though; has a decent enough backstory that would give proper motivation either way (so long as it's not another Niko in that "I tried to make a good life for myself, but then one day I went and got in a car and ran over 54 people before the car caught on fire, and I drove it into a Showroom before running away from the ensuing explosion" way.  Not that I care so much, but as I said in my initial post about GTAV:  The less possible factors for bitching, the better.)

If I had to guess (I don't) and/or if I really wanted to rip the trailer apart for clues (I kind of do), I would suggest that the guy featured at 0:40 could very well be (one of) our main character(s).  He certainly looks old, hardened and able enough to fit the back-story narrated out and I'm pretty sure the guy at 0:45 could very well be the same guy participating in what appears to be a medium-to-large-scale robbery; certainly not a first nor a last for the series.  I could very well be wrong on this (I think we all know how good I am at predicting things after all), but it looks plausible enough to me.  Mind, this is all just from watching the video a couple times; I could be completely oblivious to some big piece of news out there already.  We'll find out one way or another at some point in the (hopefully near) future, of course.

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