Friday, November 25, 2011

KinecTV? Buh?

So I was going to do a post here about going back to Playstation Home complete with pictures of my adventures since it's switched to the remodled layout and is thus, different, but in lieu of sitting there and watching every area tick away in downloading, I decided to switch between TV and HDMI settings to have a little fun with Storage Wars all day.  Unfortunately, switching back one time lead to some.....pretty drastic graphic distortions which freaked me right the fuck out and sent me turning off the device.  After a minute of cool-down, I turned it back on to see that the familiar sight of the Sega Room Dynamic Theme behind the Xross Media Bar, completely untouched by aforementioned distortions.  I immediately turned it back off, of course, and would be willing to lay the blame completely on Home itself, rather than my PS3, but I'm not sure.  You'll find out, I can assure you that.

But, regardless, without being able to do that, I've had to scramble to find something else post-worthy and this was just weird enough of a proposition for me to throw in on.  It seems if Joystiq (and, by proxy 'The Daily') are to be trusted, Microsoft is planning on integrating Kinect into Televisions in the near-future which by itself is not all that outlandish.  However, the fact that Sony is brought up as one of the TV Manufacturers is enough to bring it into the realm of mention.  Of course, this wouldn't be Sony as in their rivals in the game market Sony, but Sony the TV makers Sony.  (Sony.)  And it's only mention-worthy because you would think that Sony already has plans to try and integrate Move into their new TVs (or at least whatever the motion capable device that launches with the PS4 will be) and thus this wouldn't happen.

However, if this is true, which it by no means is right at this moment, you have to wonder just what this means for PS4.  It would be ridiculous to suggest that SCE (used as a general term for all of the Entertainment division) would really let this deal go through without a fight and then A.) not use the Kinect Cameras (which would mean dropping move entirely or retooling it, making all the existing wands and such likely obsolete) B.) Launch the PS4 with Move (or the 'next step up') that requires yet another external camera, since I don't see Kinect+ or whatever you want to call it (as there's a chance it'll use the improved Kinect for Windows model or something even more improved than that) being open enough for both Kinect and Move functionality.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I've never really seen a situation like this, where all the cross-breeding that parent companies do with their child companies rivals has created such a quandary.  Sony computers run Windows which is fine enough and expected even, mostly because Sony doesn't have their own OS made up to try and step into the OS market (which would be a fool's move, honestly.) which is the most common example you'll find when the cross-breeding I mentioned is brought up.  So whatever comes of it will be an interesting case to refer back to after it's done and over with.  I really don't know what the "best case scenario" is here, as, with several improvements, Kinect is likely the motion control device you want, but without those, the Move is still the most precise one out there, s'far as I know.  I think there's a place for both of them, and I doubt there's going to be a world where that place is "Co-existence".

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