Friday, August 12, 2011


Have you ever had one of those days where you're just perpetually angry?  It ebbs a bit, sure, but then it comes back like it was never gone and all you can do is be pissed?  Especially because that day is the one day where everything decides to fuck with you.  Well, clearly, that is my day today.  It has been a loooooong day.  Not to whinge about everything, but I got really frustrated with Darksiders (seriously, who thinks a GIANT TELEPORTING SPIDER is a good boss?), then got frustrated with Phantasy Star Portable 1 (hey, another boss fight), then I come on the computer and the ISP is fucking with me again, and I can't access Joystiq (well, I can, sometimes) or IGN.  Or like, quite a few other sites.  Yet I can load youtube videos like a motherfucker.

I'm convinced it's a modem issue as, the first time this happened, it had been with another computer that isn't this one (wouldn't get on the goddamn Skype website to download the program, took quite a few tries to load the site, which mimics how I got Joystiq to work), and while I could check once more, I refuse to believe there's something wrong with this computer again because it's inconceivable.  After modem resets, tinkering with the router, a computer restart, etc, I still can't load IGN or the images from it, and I am just beyond caring at this point, since it'll be working tomorrow or my ISP is going to find that one of its buildings has burned to the ground mysteriously.

So, unfortunately, I just can't really muster a lot in the way of content tonight.  Thanks to Siliconera, we know that MGS3 in the MGS Collection is the Subsistence version, thus raising the number of games you get with the collection from three to five (since MGS3:S came with Metal Gear 1 and 2 MSX ports, not to make mention of the two copies of Peace Walker you get, One PS3, one digital PSP) and generally being pretty goddamn cool.  We can only hope that means the version of MGS2 is Substance as well, even though that will likely mean that I have to actually beat Snake Tales this time around.

Also thanks to Siliconera, we have our first glimpse at just how this whole PSP Remaster thing looks with a neat God of War video.  Pretty standard, showing off side-by-side videos, basically to point out that the PS3 version has no jaggies and generally looks a bit better.  Interestingly enough they only used Ghost of Sparta for comparison, which I said way back when it was a rumor that GoS would look just fine as an HD title, if just for the style it carries.  It was always Chains of Olympus I worried about and, well, my fears have not been at all assuaged, despite the shiny video provided.  We'll just see how that works out, of course.

So, even though I didn't mean to, I still ended up providing some content, so that makes me a little happier.  And the rage has ebbed a bit, so I'm going to go try to push it back some more with guilty pleasures.

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