Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Am Obsessed with Making Characters

I've honestly never thought about this before, but I honestly think I have a problem with making characters in video games that I honestly have no intention of really using.  It's been going on for a while, I know; way back in Phantasy Star Online, I had, er.....probably ten characters, since I had a few VMUs, and two of them were the type that lacked a screen, but you could slide a switch and it was a -whole other- memory card.  So, since you could only have one character per card, I could just tick between them to pick which character I wanted.  Of course, I mainly only used my main, a HUcast named Raynor (which has since become a trend with my PS games), but I had so many characters.

I guess with PSO, it served a purpose, at least since you could only get certain things depending on your color ID, which depended on your name (some sort of algorithm) so you just may not see some things if you were Pinkal instead of Yellowboze.  But then again, like I said, I barely played any other character except for Raynor because I just wanted him to get higher leveled and I saw any attempt to play any other character an impediment to that, since EXP took quite a bit to gather after a certain level.

Yet, whenever I'm presented with a character creator, I can't help but freeze up for a moment, not really knowing what to make.  Staring down a blank slate like that, knowing it can be molded to whatever I want, it's almost terrifying in a way, since, what if I don't get what I want?  Then I'm -stuck- with it.  'Forever'.  As in the case of White Knight Chronicles, had I not lost my save file, I'd be stuck with the short-ish, green-haired, uh.....elf-guy that I made.  At least, he kinda looked like an elf.  Maybe sort of like Magus but with green hair.  Whenever I looked at him, there just seemed....something off, but the knowledge that I could fix him for a -fee- was not a tantalizing one.  Whenever I pick the game up again, I do believe I'll be going in with a gameplan unless the game has saved my character through Geonet or something.  (I'm sure it hasn't.)

The latest in this long line of giving shape, form and a name, yet no attention has been Phantasy Star Portable 2.  I'm up to six characters (out of eight allowable) now, and the highest after my main is level, er...28.  Keeping in mind Raynor is 86 or so.  Which is a fairly wide margin!  I don't know what it is, really, but I guess I just like making characters, just to see what I can come up with, to maybe use them at some point in the future for something.  But I guess it serves no negative purpose other than bugging me every now and then.

I wanted to make this longer and add a couple more pictures but either IGN is down, or my router is being a dick.  Considering I'm already annoyed from a long day.....bleh.

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