Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Perils of Old People and Technology

So, I apologize for not having a post up early tonight.  I really wanted to post about something, especially something Vita related and I might just do that as a "Bonus" post, but for the past three hours, I was assisting my mother in setting up an account and doing a family tree on some website.  For a frame of reference, I started at 9:01 PM exactly, when we went out and turned on her laptop to get her on the site and this and that.  (I'm specifically not mentioning the site out of spite.  For who, I don't know.)  It is now, as of this writing, 12:20 AM, though I came back to the computer.....maybe about ten minutes ago.

First off, this site isn't really that intuitive.  (Maybe that's why I'm not linking, since I don't want to give a negative impression out of frustration)  I mean, sure, as we went on it got easier, but it doesn't work like the commercials/impressions would indicate, in that you can just sort of throw a few facts in and then get half of your extended family.  It just does not work that way and not once did we find a member of the family tree that we didn't already know about.  Hell, we had trouble finding records for one of my mom's siblings, and never did end up finding anything for them just yet.

So, for all those three hours of work, we ended up with a Family Tree that has...four tiers.  Overall, about 15 or so people.  And...that's it.  Those were all just people we knew about, we got absolutely no 'hints' towards other family members or anything like that.  We'll see what happens next time, but I'm not anticipating some grand sweep.  The search parameters used for locating family members seems entirely too wide, as you'll enter one word and end up with something different.  Like, using the example of "John Smith", we could probably end up with "John W Smithe", "Smith Johnson" or anything like that.  It's just not....concrete.

But it's not just simple things like website navigation.  I'm, frankly amazed at the mere thought that folks in elderly homes are able to turn on a Wii, much less play it without instruction (and as such, doubt a scenario is possible), as my mom needed written, step-by-step instructions on how to turn on/off her Wii.  Two years after purchasing it.  It's just.....urgh.

You know when you were in school and the network went down or your classroom's computers were acting weird, and so the teacher sent you off to find the tech dudes, and they always seemed frustrated?  I get that now.  So much so that I could almost go back to the school I went to and just apologize to that dude for all the times I had to go get him to figure out something.  Because I truly understand the sheer hair-ripping rage brought about by these sorts of scenarios.

So yeah.  That is why tonight's post was late.  Apologies, folks.

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