Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Disgaea 3 Getting the Portable Treatment...On Vita!

Just today, it was confirmed that like Disgaea 1 and 2, Disgaea 3 will find itself in the palms of your hand for a portable experience.  Only this time, it will be on the Vita as Disgaea 3 Returns.  Apt enough, considering it is, well, returning to retail, though for a different market of course.  Again, like the previous two games in their handheld debuts, Disgaea 3's handheld version will have a little added incentive for getting it; namely Disgaea 3 Returns will come with all the DLC the PS3 version got, as well as two extra characters and four new scenarios.  On top of the tweaking the game will receive as well, as reports are saying Disgaea 3 Returns will have Disgaea 4's portrait system at the very least.

You guys know me - this news made me quite happy indeed and even though I have Disgaea 3 for PS3 already, I am fairly tempted to (and likely will) double-dip, just for the DLC and new things alone.  My relationship with the Disgaea series isn't the best, though; I simply don't have the required need for grinding to get the full experience of a Disgaea game, and even had I had said need I believe I burnt it out with Disgaea 2, my first introduction into the series.  Around the time of Disgaea 2's release, perhaps a little after, I got the compulsive need to start looking around for all of NIS's titles, seeing how rare they eventually became.  Indeed, I rounded out my collection with the bulk of them:  Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, Disgaea 1-3, La Pucelle Tactics, and even Disgaea 1 for PSP (I did, actually buy a copy of Rhapsody:  A Musical Adventure, even, but that was for my girlfriend) but around then....I just stopped.  My dips into Makai Kingdom and La Pucelle were brief, my experience with Phantom Brave is literally non-existant and Disgaea 1 was only played on the PSP.

It's not that I dislike NIS's games, of course.  Far from it.  I just, again, lack the desire, the urge to grind levels, item levels, this and that, reincarnate and grind again, which takes away a lot of the experience and nags at me that I'm not willing to take all the game has to give.  And it's an issue with Strategy/Tactics RPGs in general too as I just don't want to play those games all the time.  I burn myself out too easily I suppose, by trying to do this and that for the 'perfect' experience and when I get right before that, I stop.  Still, this has, of course, rekindled my interest in it all going so far as to make me think about digging my copy of Disgaea:  Afternoon of Darkness out of the drawer it rests within and giving it another go.  Hmm...

Still, news of this new version of Disgaea 3 on the Vita is welcome even though I believe it's considered a weaker game by NIS standards, though I didn't really see it that way with my experience with the title.  The whole problematic situation with Disgaea 3's trophy patch (You'll probably have to delete your save data and then Oh, hey, I guess you won't) was a bit off-putting to my experience with the game as a whole, especially so when my perusing of the trophy list instilled a horror into me that still hasn't lifted.  (Really, Clear an entire Land of Carnage Item World without leaving?!  Reverse Pirating?!)  I......I imagine that won't clear up with the Vita release much, now will it?

Hmm...Well, I guess I'll wait and see with this one.

Update!:  Siliconera (and, well, youtube) has provided us all with a look at Disgaea 3 Returns' trailer which features a look at both new characters to the game.  According to the article (which is according to the trailer, I suppose.  I don't know a lick of japanese characters so...) the girl with the tail is named Ruchiru.  (Which will likely not be what we get to know her as, of course.)

That is....well, it's a thing.  Looks just like Disgaea 3, which isn't hard since, well, one could never confuse Disgaea 3 for taking full advantage of the PS3's graphics potential.  Which isn't a bad thing, of coure.

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