Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ffffffffffff- Playstation Vita Hits in 2011.....For Japan

Alright, Japan.  Now you're really pushing it, okay?  I know you like nice things.  It's okay that you like nice things.  But you really, really, really need to learn how to share, alright?  We talked about this already, and I know you're busy and all, so you may not have been able to pay attention.  But, well, come on now.

In a statement to the media, Kaz Hirai said that the NA and PAL regions would, sadly, have to wait until early 2012 to get their hands on the beautiful piece of hardware.  From reading around, I can sort of infer that the goal was always to get the Vita out by the end of this year, it's just that it wasn't a guarantee that it would get out everywhere.  Which, for all my grumbles about this, I can really understand.  These things still have to be mass produced and such, and I'm sure demand is going to be intense in Japan for the first few months at least.  If the PSP is anything to go by, that demand won't really die down a whole lot, either

Honestly, this doesn't surprise me all that much; I had kind of figured on not getting the thing until next year, either because of monetary reasons, supply reasons, or that it just wouldn't be available until then.  And in all reality, it's likely a blessing in disguise, seeing as I'll be able to ease the burden on myself by ensuring any and all gift monies for Christmas be in the form of a black card with the red letters "GameStop" stamped across it.  Even if I just get a little bit, that'll be that much less I have to part with come release.  And I still have plenty to do with my PSP until then for sure - as you may notice on my Twitter I managed to track down Brand-New, still plastic wrapped copies of Phantasy Star Portable (the first one), and Star Ocean:  First Departure - each for the low low price of twenty bones.  Which is nice, considering $40 is the Going Price for just one of those.  I'm sure it'll be odd to go to PSP1 after playing PSP2, but after I finish with PSP1, I can bring that character (hopefully not characters, plural) into PSP2 and continue.  In some fashion.

I will miss not being able to spend cold winter nights curled up in blankets with only the glow of the OLED screen to light my room, shooting mans as Nathan Drake, getting trophies and testing out the PSP backwards compatibility with the few digital games I own (as well as the couple I'll inevitably double-dip with, like Valkyria Chronicles 2), but I'll manage.  Now to wait endlessly for actual -dates- on which things, like the system itself, will -release- instead of these vague windows we've been given still.

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