Thursday, August 25, 2011

News Dump - New Games and New Info

This is another one of those nights where there's just quite a few topics one could bring up, but each one doesn't really offer a lot of a basis to make a full-fledged post over, yet still are big enough that they necessitate being brought up at the very least.  So, seeing as it's the only thing my drug-addled mind can push together (goddamn allergies), it seems as good as anything.  This is also another one of those nights where, despite my willingness to post, and post something substantial, it's just not a thing that can be done, so apologies for that.

First up is something that is, honestly, something that's been on my radar since last year, and one could only hope that a recent interview (rather, a recent interview that Joystiq made an article about) points to a long-awaited PS3 version of Deadly Premonition (in Non-Japan).  While not the first time he's gone out there expressing his desire to do more, make more games and really take off, he seems to have more concrete plans in mind and, hopefully, some financial backing.  Or hopefully his concrete plans will bring financial backing, or something.  Point is, somebody needs to help Swery make some more goddamn games.

Quoted as saying, "Trying to think of ways to create a sequel, that's definitely on the table, trying to create a prequel is also definitely on the table; and also a project to have more people play Deadly Premonition." in regards to his current plans on Deadly Premonition, it's clear that he wants to make Deadly Premonition a thing that is a series, and, thankfully by the way he set the game itself up, a Prequel nor a Sequel would feel 'forced'.  And also, clearly, the last line would be the indicator of his intent to port Deadly Premonition proper to other systems; the only question is what.  (Psst!  Swery!  Vita Dev Kits are pretty cheap!)

We'll just have to take a 'wait-and-see' approach to whatever comes of this, since, hopefully something will come of this.  I mean, I'd be willing to put down money on something happening, honestly.  It's just always the waiting (and seeing F.K. in my drinks) that kills me.

Second up is some rather surprising news from the lands of Skyrim.  At least, surprising to me, as I haven't been following the game, but I'm sure at least part of it is a surprise to, well, most everyone who hasn't already read the article, seen it on the internet, or read it on Twitter (which is on the internet as is the article but semantics) is the news that not only will you be able to get married in Skyrim, but said marriages can be same-sex ones.  Now, while I'm not really of an opinion either way and without getting too political about it, this is honestly pretty cool.  Marriage in general is a neat, if unexpected, step in the game direction, and going right from that to same-sex is a rather bold step if nothing else.

I'm not really sure as to what the proponents of marriage include, as you can't just marry anyone, if I'm interpreting the text of this tweet correctly, but the people you can marry are marry-able (it's a word now, Blogger isn't listing it as misspelled.) regardless of your race or your gender.  This....well, this could turn horrific really quickly, so I'm going to skim away from this rather swiftly, but, again I wanted to point it out at least since it's neat.  I have to wonder what the benefits (in-game) are to getting married, and what could happen to, er.....nullify it, should you get bored of your nagging Orc husband.

We've been over this again and again, Japan.  You really, really need to stop with the awesome PSP games because all it's doing is making me sad that I'll never get to play these games on my american PS- wait what?  It's being localized?!  I....Hrm...I'm not sure what to think here.  Let me collect my thoughts here for a moment....


Yes, NISA.  Yes.  You're doing good things here, and it would be a reaaaaaal shame if you just stopped with Black Rock Shooter in the whole localization department, if you know what I mean.  (Please give us more PSP games)

Anyways, my own personal knowledge of Black Rock Shooter (The Game) (Well, the series it spawned from too, but, really, nobody's going to call it Black Rock Shooter:  The Game) is....beyond limited, but the simple fact that it's a PSP game that's been announced this late in the game and is definitely hitting American shores is almost enough to guarantee a purchase.  The fact that it's apparently a third-person shooter/RPG is mere icing on the cake.  The deliciously portable cake of...girl robots vocaloid(s?) shooting rocks from cannons at stuff or.....Erm....

...Okay, it's just really nice, alright?  And it makes me happy.

There's other bits of news out there, like 'Malicious' getting an enhanced Vita port, GameStop literally losing their -minds-, and Gabe Newell continuing to harp on XBox Live, but I'm not really attached enough to any of those stories to write up anything near meaty enough, so hopefully you'll be able to read and form your own opinions there.  But that feels enough for tonight, so I will try to resist taking another Zyrtec and relax with some youtube videos.

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