Saturday, August 13, 2011

Music! Nier Edition, Part 2 (Also Internet Woes)

So, I'll get to the music in a moment here, but let me whinge for a moment.  There's something wrong with either my modem or router, which is making it so I just cannot load some websites.  I've elaborated on this problem before, but basically Joystiq, where I get most of my news and IGN, where I get all of my screenshots do not work.  This is....well, I'm sure you can understand how this is a problem.  I can still load and watch youtube videos fine, I can still do 90% of my daily routine just as well, it's just, well, the bare necessities for this blog's new stories (and some of my 'creative outlet' ones) have all but been rendered unusable for now.  Thankfully, I am positive it's the internet, and not the computer, so there's no hiatus this time unless something fries and oh god, I just jinxed it, didn't I.

Anyways, we'll just have to make do until I straighten things out with the ISP.  It could, of course, be an issue with the power flickers we've had every day for a month more or less, or just be damage related to that, but it's not like we'll ever be able to prove that and make AEP fix it.  Blah blah, big companies suck, etc. etc.  Given how I don't have a lot of resources, I'm not exactly too keen on writing about something without being able to link to a relevant story or add a few pictures, so I guess there is always the lovely fallback of....


Lately, I've been reading a Let's Play of Nier (which I've mentioned and won't link because you need to play the game first) and it's reminded me that the music from the game is just....fantastic.  Of course, we all know that already, yes?  (Btw, I need to fix the music links in that one, should be done soon.  Fixed.)  And while last time I more focused on some of the 'Nicer' tracks, the whole OST is fantastic and I would encourage you to listen to it.  (But don't read comments!  And I guess there might be a couple mild spoilers in the titles, but they're not immediately apparent.)

So I'm going to start off with what is, possibly, one of my favorite tracks, or at least one of the tracks I find myself listening to all the time.  It was originally meant for just one boss, but they realized that would just be silly to keep this fantastic piece for a (fairly forgettable) boss, and made it one of the general boss themes.  It's called "Deep Crimson Foe" and it most certainly sets the stage for a Boss Fight.

To me, it feels like an older, classic battle theme from days of yore that would have just sounded alright in chiptunes but now that it has the full orchestral experience is powerful and amazing.  It's kind of interesting really that it has that quality to it.  To me, at least.  (Of course I mean this in the best way possible; some of the older songs out there in chiptunes and 16-bit, etc. are still some of the best songs around.)

The next is another of the Boss Themes that....well, I can't really say a lot without spoiling.  Just that it's fantastic as well, and carries something of a feel from the previously linked song here, that I just can't put my finger on.  Still, I enjoy it just as much, as I will again state that I enjoy the entire OST.  This one is called "The Dark Colossus Destroys All".  Pleasant, right?

Since I've gone with the battle themes so far, I may as well throw one of the last ones into the mix as well.  I will say that one of the things Nier's soundtrack does and does it perfectly is that every song sets the mood that is necessary.  The battle themes are almost primal, heightening the senses and just making every boss fight you play, no matter how many times you play it, feel like it's the important one, the one you can't lose, and the one you will win, no matter what.  At least, again that's my opinion and feelings on it.  The last song to round out this trio of Battle Music is "Blu-Bird", which I have no knowledge of how or why the song is named that.  But it likely doesn't matter.

Fantastic.  Just fantastic.  I hope that does well enough in terms of content for now, seeing as there's not a lot else I can put out right now.

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