Friday, January 7, 2011

Music! Nier Edition

So, I'd wanted to kick off my History Lessons section tonight with a little knowledge on the Three Kingdoms Era, but I'm entirely too fatigued/sickish to pull it off effectively, not including the fact that I haven't done my re-reading up on it.  But I did still want to make a post, because it's fun.  So, since I've been listening to a lot of Nier music, I wanted to throw up a post for that, namely concerning the remix tracks they made for the DLC pack.

The first remix I've been listening to is a remix of, as far as I can tell, Song of the Ancients - Fate (Embedded below) but it might draw from the individual Devola and Popola versions as well.

Let that one sink in a bit; it's quite a nice song, as is the remix (Song of the Ancients - Lost Androids Mixuxux), though it may be a little jarring, after just listening to where it came from.

While I'm a purist for many things, (Annoyingly so) I am completely alright with this remix.  I really enjoy it!  I just think it's amazing how they could take something, and end up with a result that's on the same level of enjoyment while being completely different from the source.

Honestly, I could write about every single song in the soundtrack (and remix soundtrack) just gushing absolutely about them, but I'm not really up to that, either.  To that end, I will probably be doing a couple more posts about Nier music, then move on to other games.  Though, I will include one my favorite tracks to go out on:  KainĂ© - Escape.


  1. /sigh.

    People've been saying all year that Nier has, inarguably, the best soundtrack of 2010 - but no one's made the case as well as you have with the first and third songs.

    I'm still on the fence about doing a Best Soundtrack post this year, but if I do I'm gonna' have to put a big disclaimer at the top about why Nier isn't included.

  2. Yeah, those two songs are pretty much the ones I point to when I want to make my point on the soundtrack. Simply because they make it so easy. But honestly, they could be just about any other song off it.

    I'd definitely be interested in seeing a Best Soundtrack post on your blog, though, if simply to see what else could make it. (I'm assuming Nier doesn't qualify since you haven't managed to put enough time into it? Understandable, definitely.) I know a lot of people nod to RDR (Which I've yet to play), but I honestly haven't been keeping up with other games, music-wise.

  3. Well, off the top of my head, Fallout: NV and BioShock 2. Yes, yes, they've got those wonderful optimistic, old-timey songs that serve as a contrast to the oppressive atmosphere - but when that music's not playing, you get some great instrumental work as well.

    New Vegas's handily recalls the music of classic Fallout, while BioShock 2's is pretty much the only instrumental soundtrack I've ever bothered to listen to outside the game - aside from Odin Sphere, Muramasa and Okami.

  4. I completely forgot about Fallout: NV. Another I haven't played (Just gonna do what I do for Bethesda games and wait on the GotY version), but I've watched some gameplay from it and enjoyed what I've heard (both the old-time songs and otherwise). Makes sense!