Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Note - Bleh

I really really hate having so many quick notes, but my sleeping got all messed up today, and I got a bit of bad news and it's really just pushed me into "Bleh" territory, so I can't really concentrate enough to write something out.  But I can mention what I've been up to today at the very least, presenting, as I always try to do in these daily posts, content.

Snake?!  This was a sneaking mission!  Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
I remembered from the other day that I lacked the content from the MGS DLC in LBP for reasons that I've vowed to stop mentioning, so I decided to go back through it today after waking up at 8:22 AM for absolutely no reason.  I forgot just how enjoyable they were, and, honestly, how impressive they are when compared to LBP1 proper.  (Which, after LBP2 just seems a lot more frustrating for some reason)

I did remember, however, that I used to think they were hard.  Not in the sense of getting through them, but in getting through them with the "Ace", as in, not dying once.  In general, Acing a level proves a slight challenge, depending on what it is, but there is usually a challenge if there is meant to be one.  However, on this run-through, I found that it was actually no challenge at all.  I don't know if my early morning had anything to do with it, or if I've simply come a long way, or maybe I just got lucky, but with no more than a few hours of play, I walked away from the MGS Pack with everything.  All five levels aced, played, and 100%'d.  And it was satisfying.

Tomorrow?  The Pirates of the Caribbean  pack, which I've not actually finished completely (in the Ace, 100% sort of way) yet.  Hopefully my....whatever it was carries over as well!  (Because after that, I'll likely make a clean break back to LBP2.  After getting to the end of the Terrible Oni level in LBP, and being killed by his sword after he exploded and it flew right at me, I'm prepared to accept that, yes, I aced everything on LBP1 already, and no, I don't need to do it again, because I want to be sane.)

And yes, I know that I could play them on LBP2, but, well, it just seems right to play on the first, alright?  (And this has absolutely nothing at all to do with LBP1 already being in my PS3 and me being too lazy to switch it out.  Nope.  No sirree.)


  1. For the record - this isn't a quite note. You don't do quick notes - you do big, meaty posts. Every day. It's actually pretty impressive.

  2. I try! And the nice thing about it is that I'm not even forcing myself to do it, I genuinely enjoy sitting down and doing these every day. I guess that's why I've been able to do them every day so far!