Monday, January 31, 2011

Hiatus Part Two: Hiatus Harder

Well, we've got the computer shambled back to some semblance of life; Windows is working again, even if it's in a semi-strange manner. But, of course, right after I sort of got settled with the idea that hey, I have a computer again, Mother Nature steps in and went, "Hurr durr, nope."

We're set to have an ice storm for, uh, until Thursday, basically. (This is as of Monday's writing) So, I'm going to let that pass, given that power outages are common during, well, anything going wrong ever. Out here at least. So, yeah, barring anything else happening (which, our DirecTV DVR just went out today too. Again. DirecTV appliances suck dick.) Kupowered will come back Friday.

Thanks for all the support, guys. Let it be known that only acts of Vengeful Gods of Technology and Nature can keep me away from Kupowered! (Also maybe illness. I haven't been sick lately, so, hey, maybe that'll happen too. This was written with some sort of mock-enthusiasm and sarcasm combo somehow. Because I wouldn't be surprised. I'll keep you guys updated though!)

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  1. I renounce any vengeful god who targets innocent game-themed blogs.