Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Note - Carmageddon and Other GTWMG

Go and watch this.

Trust me.  You'll love it.

I guess I can embed it too.  Let's see if I can get it nice and big.

(Nice. Originally shown to me by Haplo.)

Working on updating the Games that Weren't my Games now.  Will be updated shortly!


The Ones that weren't my Games has been updated, so go see if you can spot the new ones!

Can I type Update more? 


  1. Ahahahahahaha that was awesome.
    In Soviet GTAIV, car jumps on YOU.

    I'm assuming this was a mod? Or the most epic glitch -ever-.

  2. It was a mod, yeah. Specifically, some chap edited cars (either cars or their wheels) to have negative friction, meaning that even a little tap would send them flying. It's glorious.

  3. I was going to show Em the first one but never got around to it (I only watched a few seconds of it), this is hilarious