Saturday, January 8, 2011

I have entirely too many magazines.

So, I had a fun little trip to Wal-Mart today (despite it being, you know, Wal-Mart) and walked away with some sorely needed Magazine holders of rather excellent quality.  I can't find a link of them, but they're branded HOM Organization.  The O has a line over it that I cannot for the life of me figure out how to replicate in simple text.  Hopefully, if you're looking for Holders, I've given you enough to go on, here, because these are honestly really nice.

The Magazine Holders amidst other stuff.

(For what it's worth, also pictured are some obvious reasons for said magazine holders, my wonderful Santa Hat and some Christmas pick-ups:  Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the top, Sly collection under that, The Saboteur under that, and Fallout 3 GotY at the bottom, all in front of my Move starter kit.  Keen viewers will notice God of War:  Ghost of Sparta on top of my Nintendo tote bag for a hilarious juxtaposition.)

So I spent a couple hours doing some organizing, which was helped along by the fact that the magazines had mostly been pre-organized anyway.  (I enjoy organizing things.  At least, enjoy is the best term for it!)  Just had to make sure I had magazines from all the different parts of my room that they're stocked up at and sort them all by Date/Issue Number.  Basic stuff, of course.  I'm not done yet, as the picture above was just taken, as were these pictures below.

Yes, also pictured are D&D books.

Note that the pill bottles are empty, old, and collected.  I simply keep them, if you're wondering.

It bears mentioning that, in all, I have ten holders pictured, (eight on the shelf, two on the desk) and, once again, keen viewers will note the stack of magazines on the desk.  So, what does this all mean?

It means I need more.  

Way too many magazines, folks.


  1. I too used to be down on Wal-mart. Still am, to a degree - but then I'll find one of the Futurama video movies on bluray for $14 and a copy of Muramasa for $10, and it's like "you're okay, Wal-mart. You're okay."

    Don't feel bad about hoarding magazines. Feel good about organizing them. I have never, ever thrown out an issue of National Geographic - and they aren't all neatly ordered and organized. They're in bookshelves and stacked on top of things and slowly destroying drawers not designed to hold so much weight.

    Also: those are all really good games. You have good taste in games.

  2. I haven't really gone to Wal-Mart that much, since we never really had one close enough for us to visit frequently. One went up close enough to be a decent drive away, and the first two times we went, we were overcharged (specifically, double-charged for two different products, once each time) for what we'd gone there for. But they do have some really good sales sometimes that make the trip worth it. Haven't found as much luck as you, but I've done pretty well there before!

    Really, it's not so much that I feel bad about having all the magazines, it's just that I really do not have a surplus of space in my room. I've been working on managing what I have better, though, to some admittedly impressive results, but I figured the 10 Holders I bought would have been plenty for now and the future.

    Have you played The Saboteur? I knew your opinions on the rest of the games already (And just got done reading your GoS review; you didn't make it any easier to wait to play, as I'm determined to get through a few other games first) but I don't recall you reviewing/talking about it.

  3. I have indeed. The Saboteur has a lot going for it - and it's a lot easier to enjoy when you're not looking at it critically - but if you are looking at it critically, it's a game that's merely okay. And not nearly as good as many other open-world offerings. If the (great) setting is enough to spark the player's imagination, though (it was with me), it's definitely worth some time.

  4. Wow, I have no idea how I missed that. >.>;

    I'm usually fairly lenient on games, oftentimes if I've been interested or looking forward to them for a while, and Saboteur caught my eye early in dev when they were really showing off the black and white visuals. So it should probably work out just fine.

  5. I think I'm too lenient, most of the time.

    I really should reorganize the reviews section. There's so many, now - I should maybe try to make up a version that makes navigation easier. I just dunno what that would be, yet.

  6. Mogs, he has all your magaznine holder information needs.