Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh right, a post.

I've been quite out of sorts today; this is probably the fifth time I checked my blog today, and I didn't even remember that, "Oh yeah, I should post something."  I would say need, but, truth told, I don't need to post; I'm only holding myself to a minimum every other day post, but the sheer fact is that I want to post everyday.  It's been quite nice so far.

Unfortunately, today, I'm really just not feeling all that great.  Headache, my sleeping's been messed up, etc. etc.  I guess I could end it there, but I want to at least attempt something that can be considered content.

Lately, I've been using my PSP more and more, which is a good thing, given that I received three new games for it for Christmas (and took advantage of the Sega holiday sale, snagging Phantasy Star Portable 2 for half-price).  As anyone who read my Games of the Year could guess, heavy playtime has been devoted to Portable 2, but also to one of the games I got on Christmas.

A simple port of the game with new voicework and translation (Doesn't that sound familiar) has given me a chance to take on somewhat of a gaming white whale for me.  You see, I've started Star Ocean 2 (Then called Star Ocean:  Second Story) a multitude of times, but have never beaten it.  I'd get too concerned with the grind, get well up into the levels, concern myself with trying to get the 'perfect' team, and eventually put it down for something else.  So far, before I started playing this on PSP, the furthest I'd gotten was roughly halfway through the story.

Last week, or even before then, I made it to that point in record time, surprising even myself.  While I still haven't beaten it (thanks to PSP2), I've gotten farther than ever, and it seems a simple matter to finish.  Now, the bonus dungeons and the like, there's where the real challenge comes in, and there's where my uncertainty lies insofar as whether or not I'll conquer it.  Still, if I see the ending, that will be enough for me at the least.

I've also been listening to this a lot lately:

I'll be quick to admit that I am a whore for most things Daft Punk, which might make me a bit biased, but that combined with a general interest in remixes of most things lately has ensured that that's been an enjoyable listen for the past few nights.

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