Saturday, January 22, 2011

Music! Impromptu Dance Edition

Music is kind of a hard thing for me to write about, honestly, as I used to be a music snob in my teenage years (but then again, who wasn't a snob of something back then) and I would only like something if it had a meaning going for it or this or that.  And it also had to be high-energy; I'm not a fan of slow songs on the whole.  I've made exceptions here and there, but the long and short of it is when I listen to music, I want to be entertained.  I've evolved, luckily, in that I'm more willing to try and listen to new things, musically, without being pointed to them by someone else.  Almost completely counter to this point, the songs I'll be showing off were pointed out to me by someone in some fashion (Either the song directly, or a song by the same band and I moved on to listen to more things), but, uh, I guess you can take my word that I'm getting better.

Anyways, I've already shown off one of their songs, but I branched out a bit with 80kidz and, in fact, the song inspired this post, rather than the other I had in mind.  The song is called Fait la Danse and is rather neat!

(Small window because it's static.)

There's a real groove to it, and it manages to get really energetic at times without ruining the flow.  I half-expect it, or rather a snippet of it, to be used as like an introduction theme for a character in some sort of stylish movie.

Moving on, a friend of mine has gotten rather interested in Dubstep remixes of things and sent me off in the direction of them.  I'm not really into all of the classifications; good and not-so-good are all the tags I need, really.  But I did manage to find something by the same remixer that I quite like.  So next up is the Skrillex remix of Lady Gaga's Alejandro.  Yes, yes, Lady Gaga and all the stigma that goes along with that.  I'm allowed to like her songs and not care one bit about the artist.

(Once again, static image)

It's an interesting take on the song and manages to make it a little, well, dancier than the original, which might be the point.  One thing that's pretty embarrassing/hilarious about me is that I actually know very very little about music, which makes it all the worse that I used to think I was smart enough to decide what was worth it or not.  Again, no judgments from me anymore!  (Outside of a few cases, which I won't go into here.)  Once again, I get to simply say that I like what I like, and don't like what I don't like.

The last song is one that wasn't introduced to me as recent as the other two, but it's not been that long ago that I listened to it first.  Sometimes it takes me a little while to really branch out, and for MSTRKRFT, it took a bit longer than I like to admit, considering I've moved from one song to about three or four.  But hey, when I like something, I tend to listen to it a lot before moving on.  This is one of the songs I branched out to, and I find it's pretty good for pretty much any listening occasion.  It's called 1000 Cigarettes.

(This one isn't static, per se, but it's a static image that the 'camera' moves and focuses about on; nothing too interesting.  It's static now that I had to switch it out with a new one.)

Apparently, MSTRKRFT gets a lot of mention in the same groups as Daft Punk and Justice, so, being a real big Daft Punk fan, this means I'll likely need to listen to some Justice things eventually as well.  As well as more MSTRKRFT.  We'll see!

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