Thursday, January 6, 2011

Less-Short Story - Technologic

One of the ideas presented in my "Mission Statement", for lack of a better term, was that I would use this occasionally to write a short story.  And, in this case, I plan to, but what I'll be using today is a story I've written already on my Ficly (which is mostly defunct by now) as a base to expand upon.


“R6-6Y Active..Sensors online..Visuals at 75%..Self-Scan complete..Moderate Damage detected.”

A loud ‘clank’ sound reverberated through the small chamber as an arm of the automaton met the floor.

“Performing at 53% efficiency. Recommendation: Seek repair soon.”

The large structure of metal and joints, switches and wires shuffled forward, one foot dragging behind, the joint holding it on having been loosened by time. It’s goal seemed to be the derelict computer standing as a beacon amongst discarded or destroyed parts. No scan was run; it would be a waste of resources.

His hand, as it were, moved over a panel of the machine, letting wires string down into the appropriate slots, allowing the abandoned device to scan the robot. A series of lights flashed on and off as a schematic of the construct appeared on the screen, cross-hairs and words pointing out flaws, errors, for inspection. Almost harshly, the wires snapped back into it’s hand as it stumbled back a bit.

“Diagnosis: I have been discarded.”

 Only now did he take the few moments to look about, his optic sensors spotting parts scattered throughout the rubble that matched his own, rather, parts that must have belonged to other members of his series.  The Creators would often refer to units of the same series as "Brothers" and "Sisters", drawing a direct parallel to their own familial theme.

After lingering on one such part, a line in his visual display drew out as text spelled out the fact the part was registered to him:  a screw that his leg required to increase efficiency from its current state.  By sheer luck, it was close enough that he could reclaim it with a wire from his hand.

"Self-Repair protocols initiating.  Temporary upgrades required."

As he reattached the part to his leg joint, his visual sensors switched filters, beginning to seek out other parts in the area that were reusable to further regain efficiency.

Two more parts, both registered to him, were nearby, while another two, not his own, but those of R6-7Y, the next Automaton in his line, were further still.  All in well enough condition to be acceptable for use in a temporary length of time; enough that he would be able to seek out the Creators for further repairs. 

"Error:"  His protocols stopped him before he could move closer to the parts.  "I have been discarded.  Self-Repair is excluded from my current list of executable tasks.  Scanning Memory for Disposal Request."

A distinct hum filled the room as he stood still, searching for the file that would outline the disposal process he underwent, including the reason for disposal, which would assist in determining what tasks he would be able to perform in his current state.

"Error:  Disposal Report is incomplete.  Blank Fields include:  Date Issued for Disposal Order, Requested By, Authorized By, Authorized Signature, Reason for Disposal.  Recommendation:  Seek out Creators for further assistance."

"Error:  Creators location unknown.  Accessing stored building schematics."

The click of a series of internal fans starting echoed through the chamber as the series of errors and procedures began to take their toll on his programming.

"Error:  Building Schematics appear out-dated.  Recommendation:  Seek out Creators for further assistance."

"Error:  Creators location unknown.  Paradox Protocols initiated...Warning!  R6-6Y is over-heating.  Recommendation:  Full Restart....Restarting in 10...9...8...7...6...5...4..."

The automaton, the only one among the destroyed or damaged parts, suddenly went off-line.  Sensors turned off, along with lights that dotted his rusted frame as the fans that had just clicked on slowed to a stop.  As it was before, there was total silence in the room for a moment, before it was shattered as the unit clicked into activity again.

“R6-6Y Active..Sensors online..Visuals at 73%..Self-Scan complete..Moderate Damage detected.  Independent Procedures activated.  Objective confirmed:  Seek out location of Creators.”

His sensors scanned the area, once again in Self-Repair mode, indicating to himself the same parts that he had scanned moments ago.

"Secondary Objective confirmed:  Upgrade efficiency to assist in Primary Objective."

Now allowed, in consideration with his new protocols, he made his way to each part individually, reclaiming them and installing them as part of one process, re-confirming that they were the only ones suitable before exiting Self-Repair mode.

"Self-Repair protocols concluded.  Currently performing at 78% efficiency.  Secondary Objective updated.  Recommendation:  Resume Primary Objective."

Independent Mode proved to be most invaluable as he moved about, scanning the location he was in to try to correlate it with an area in his stored schematics.  The assuredly endless string of Errors he would have encountered had it not loaded would have caused irreparable damage, leaving him unable to complete his objectives.

"Data Collection complete.  Diagnosis:  This area is not in my schematics.  Unable to discern location.  Recommendation:  Acquire updated schematics."

Turning back to the computer he had accessed before, he approached it once more and once again allowed wires from his hand to connect to the device, searching for schematics within its memory.  His search yielded success and after a few moments, the updated schematics were downloaded to his memory, overwriting the old ones with no complication, again attributed to Independent Mode.

"Download complete.  Updated schematics acquired.  Secondary Objective updated.  Proceeding with Primary Objective."

The wires had barely retracted into his hand before a new sensation, a sudden impact caused his optical sensors to scramble for a moment.  When they were allowed to re-focus and begin scanning again, it was immediately clear that the robot had been knocked down, and a new object was seen above it in the new field of vision.

"Scanning.  Organic life-form detected.  Accessing memory for Identificat-"

Suddenly powered down, R6-6Y was unable to finish stating his process, leaving the only sound in the chamber being from the organic life-form, the human.  He was chuckling.

"Loud piece o' junk, ain'cha?  Well, I can probably fix that..."


That's all for this new first part.  I would like to state now, that I realize it's rather dryly-written; and that's the point, hard as it was to keep with that.  The focus is on R6-6Y who is, at this point, a damaged robot with no personality or anything of the sort.  The intention, of course, is to adapt the style to him as the story goes along, to get a little more interesting as the character itself gets more interesting, to grow as it grows.

Though, I can understand if it comes off as just boring.  Which I would hate, really.

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