Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breaking this in.

So here it is.  The first post of my shiny new blog.  I may as well explain why it's here!

For a while now, I've been searching for an outlet effective enough to be able to turn to, write something, and be able to find it again, some day down the road.  Though the old stand-by of pencil and paper exists, it's not as omnipresent as the internet, of course, which is where the last point becomes a problem.  I do admit that I have a problem with keeping things just where they should be.  As well as a problem with over-arranging things.  I couldn't tell you how many notebooks I have with one or two pages written in it, simply because I intended to keep it as a "General (this)" notebook, and lost it, or simply wanted it to be too specific, causing me to never write in it again.

This will not be one of those notebooks!  Already, I have plans for just what I want to write in this blog.  It is a wide net, and is likely to be opened wider, should I desire.  The first week or so, I'll try to do a variety of entries to let you, the reader, know just what kinds of things this blog might feature heavily in the months ahead.  Video games (if you know me, this is no surprise) will be a big part of it, but I do enjoy a good bit of history every now and then as well, so I may decide to share the knowledge.  And on occasion, should I feel inspired, I do intend to post a short story every now and again.  Those are the most prevalent topics in mind currently, but I'm sure they won't be the only ones to be entered in this blog during its run.

So let's see which way this goes!


  1. The Inaugural Post, or;
    How Darth Mogs Revealed His Deep Love For The Classic Romantic Motion Picture 'The Notebook'

    (Good luck bro!)

  2. 8D Goooo, big bruver!